Audio/Video Files

Pre-Reading Audio File

Please listen to this 20-minute audio file BEFORE you have a Vedic astrology reading with David Hawthorne.  It will give you some background information that will help you get the maximum benefits from your Vedic astrology reading.  Thank you! 

Lecture Series

These are various educational presentations on Vedic astrology.

Radio Talk Shows

These are a few examples of some of the radio talks that have invited me to speak as a guest; in most cases I do live Vedic astrology readings during the broadcast.

Astroview YouTube Channel

These are videos of case studies of celebrities or national events. This channel is especially valuable for those studying Vedic astrology and shows how quickly the essence of a chart (horoscope) can be interpreted. Visit Astroview on Youtube.

December 2013 IIPA Conference in India  

This is the video presentation by David Hawthorne that was played at the December 2013 International Institute of Predictive Astrology conference in Guragon, India: