Auspicious Dates

Auspicious Dates & Times(Muhurta - Electional Astrology)

There is an application of Vedic astrology called Muhurta.

It is translated as Electional Astrology. Simply put, it is the time we “elect” (or select) to begin important events in life.

For example, electional astrology can be used for selecting auspicious times for marriage, new business ventures, long journeys and business travel, and acquiring fixed assets -- such as homes and property, etc.

By electing an auspicious time for these events, we significantly contribute to the success factor with regard to these events.

Electional astrology is based on the concept that there is a chart (horoscope) for any given moment of the day or night. For example, there is a chart for the moment of a baby’s birth, or when we sign a contract or start a business, or when we say, “I do” at a wedding ceremony. There is even a chart when the president of the country takes the oath of office.

Therefore, if one takes the time to consider the chart for the moment of these events, then one can see the general trends, planetary strengths and weaknesses, and whether overall success or failure is indicated.

In other words, if the chart for the moment of the event is afflicted, (the ruler of the chart is debilitated, or afflicted by a malefic planet, or is placed in one of the inauspicious house -- ruling debts, sickness, accidents, obstructions, deathlike experiences, losses and expenses -- or, if the planet ruling the current operating period is a functional malefic), then the chance for success is considerably reduced.

On the other hand, if the ruler of the chart is well-placed and is free from afflictions, and if the rising sign is free from afflictions, and if the functional malefic planets in a chart are not causing any severe affliction, and if the operating planet is a well-placed functional benefic, then the chance for success is considerably enhanced.

With electional astrology, we take the time to elect (select) a chart for a moment in time when all or most of the indications are favorable.

NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot hurry along the planets and auspicious dates can be few and far between, so please allow plenty of time for the event you want to accomplish. For example, please provide a larger window of time, such as "we would like to get married or start a new business next spring, or summer, or fall". In this way we have a much better chance to select a really pure horoscope for the special/important event.

At Astroview, Inc., we our provide clients with electional times for

  • marriage,
  • signing contracts,
  • buying homes and property,
  • starting new businesses,
  • traveling abroad

and other significant events in life.