Locational Astrology - Single Continent

At Astroview, we offer information on “Locational Astrology, which is also known as “Astrocartography”.
Locational astrology can be used to help you identify favorable areas throughout your country or the world for you to live or work.
When you order this service, you will receive by email the maps of the major continents with the planetary lines that run through the various geographical areas.
You will also receive a legend of the planetary symbols and a list of the most favorable planets for your chart.
You can then either live or work in or near those planetary lines.
You can even use these planetary lines to identify long distant favorable places where you would be successful.  This would help those who use telephone calls and the Internet for building their business.
The service also includes a video recorded consultation (that you can download and watch on your computer) on these maps to ensure that you understand how to use them.
Single Continent - $90
You would receive one map, and the planetary symbols, and a recorded video consultation (that you can download and watch on your computer) of any one of the following continents: North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, Russia, and South America.

All Continents - $120
You would receive the maps, planetary symbols, and a video-recorded consultation (that you can dowload and watch on your computer( for all of the various continents around the world. Click here to purchase the All Continents Locoational Astrology reading.

For more information contact: david@astoview.com