At AstroView, we use the Vedic astrology system from India known as "Jyotish". This term is translated as "the science of Light". It is based on a knowledge of the planets that is more than 5,000 years old.

Vedic Astrology predates Western astrology, which is said to have lost its connection to its original source.

If you subtract 23 degrees from the position of your planets inyour Western horoscope (Tropcial Zodiac), you arrive at your Vedic astrologyhoroscope, (Sidereal Zodiac). 

Typically, the Sun sign moves backwards byone sign. 

 Astronomically speaking, the Sidereal Zodiac is where theplanets were on the day of your birth; the Tropical Zodiac is where the planetswere 2,000 years ago.

At AstroView, we do NOT use Western astrology. Rather, we use Vedic Astrology -- to help our clients better understand their essential nature, their present circumstances, and the coming events.

Our clients also gain insights into many areas of their lives, including health, marriage, career, children, income, parents, and spiritual inclinations.