Mystical Pendant -- Kavach

kavach pendent

This planetary remedy is a small silver medallion, which is worn as a pendant on a gold or silver chain. The mystical pendant is called a "MYSTICAL PENDANT", or protective shield. It is also known as a kavach, yantra or amulet. Based on mystical numbers, the MYSTICAL PENDANT/KAVACH strengthens all of the benefic planets in a chart, and reduces the impact of the afflictions caused by the malefic planets.

The remedy is both for the birth chart, and for the daily transit chart.

The mystical pendant is used to improve your mental and emotional outlook, physical health, marriage, relationships, career, income, prosperity, spiritual progress -- and all areas of life.

The mystical pendant is said to be more powerful than wearing four to six gemstones, including the ruby, pearl, red coral, emerald, diamond, and blue or yellow sapphire. It is, however, far more economical ($250.00 USD) than the thousands of dollars required to achieve the same remedial power with gemstones.


The silver medallion (kavach) is less than 2" in size -- and is worn as a pendant on a gold or silver chain, or on a silk thread, whichever you prefer.

The mystical pendant is worn for the first time at an auspicious moment, which is assigned to you according to your place of residence. (Instructions are included).

The mystical pendant is then worn continuously for the maximum cumulative effect. (If you have to take off the pendant for any reason, such as for x-rays or security checks at airports, etc., then put it back on immediately thereafter.) There is one mystical pendant made for each rising sign of the Zodiac. All are handmade -- no two are exactly alike. Each one is inscribed at an auspicious time for the maximum benefit.

COST: $250.00 USD.

NOTE: A Special Power Kavach (click here) is also available for $350. These are engraved and empowered at the most auspicious times during the year, so they are considered to have more power than the regular kavach. These are recommended for those with severe weaknesses and afflictions in his or her horoscope.


Sorry, but since all the services in India for the preparation of the Kavach, including silver, labor, taxes and customs/insurance/shipping are completed at the time of providing the kavach (and are non-refundable from India) -- refunds are limited to $100 per kavach and to those returned in good condition within 60 days of the date when the kavach is worn for the first time.

However, thousands of people have had excellent results with the mystical pendant over the past 18 years. Just wear this powerful planetary remedy, and see for yourself how much it contributes to your peace of mind and purpose in life.