Life Reading by Phone



AstroView is an astrological counseling service. We provide birth chart, transit, suitability, and progression readings, among others.

Through these readings, you are provided with an accurate, timely, and practical overview of your past, present, and future circumstances.

By knowing how the planets are operating in your life at any given time, you will have the necessary insight to be able to overcome obstacles and to accomplish your goals.

Every person is born at a specific time and place.

At the moment of birth, the planets are aligned in a manner that gives us the clues to the individual's path in life.

By identifying the true nature of the planets in a birth chart, and the relative timelines that show when events will manifest, one comes to understand the circumstances of his or her life.


At AstroView, Inc., we use the Vedic astrology system from India known as "Jyotish". This term is translated as "the science of light, on time and karma". It is based on a knowledge of the planets that is more than 5,000 years old.

Vedic Astrology predates Western astrology.

At AstroView, we use Vedic Astrology -- to help our clients better understand their essential nature, their present circumstances, and the coming events.

Our clients also gain insights into many areas of their lives, including health, marriage, career, children, income, parents, and spiritual inclinations.


These are not computerized, automated reports used by some other astrological services. Rather, each chart is carefully analyzed by David Hawthorne, founder of Astroview, Inc. and President of the International Institute of Predictive Astrology.

Mr. Hawthorne also records your reading as a digital audio file and sends you the recording by email.

Mr. Hawthorne has more than 20 years experience in Vedic astrology and has read over 8,000 charts. His personal library includes more than 100 classical and contemporary Vedic Astrology textbooks, and thousands of hours of audio taped presentations by the world's leading Vedic Astrologers.

Mr. Hawthorne earned his Master's degree and his Professorship, along with the title: "Jyotish Bhanu" (one who radiates the light of Vedic Astrology), through the Systems' Institute of Vedic Astrology, Gurgaon, India.

Mr. Hawthorne also studied for many years under the personal guidance of Professor V.K. Choudhry -- the developer of the Systems' Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes.

(Professor Choudhry is the author or co-author of eleven books on various aspects of Vedic Astrology and the Systems' Approach. He has conducted empirical studies on more than 100,000 charts over 20 years to validate the Systems' Approach).


The fee for a Vedic astrology reading in person or by telephone is $175 U.S. and includes an analysis of your natal (birth) chart (horoscope). The reading will cover

  • How the planets are operating in your chart
  • Which planets are functional benefics/functional malefics
  • What the operating period is now and how long it will last
  • Which transiting planets are influencing your present state
  • How long the current transit impact will last
  • Planetary remedies to strengthen the benefic planets
  • Planetary remedies to reduce the impact of malefic planets.

Personal and telephone readings also include any additional questions you may havee about your health, finances, relationships, etc. The readings generally last from 45 to 60 minutes, and are digitally-recorded and sent to you by email for future use.

Readings can be paid for by check, money order, credit card, or PayPal. Readings are scheduled in the order of payment received.

Email readings are also available at a reduced price of $100 U.S. These are typically the same type of reading, but without any personal interaction with the client. Readings are recorded as an audio file and sent to the client by email for their permanent use.

(Please note: No payment is required from the poor and the needy, the elderly on limited income, or from persons with major disabilities or afflictions. Please contact me separately by email for these services.)

Please contact AstroView with any questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment for personal or telephone consultations.