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Astrology For Life$25.00
Auspicious Dates$120.00
Career Counseling$120.00
Health Report$120.00
Life Reading by Email $120.00
Life Reading by Phone$175.00
Locational Astrology - All Continents$120.00
Locational Astrology - Single Continent$90.00
Misc. Payment$1.00
Mystical Pendant - Power Kavach$350.00
Mystical Pendant -- Kavach$250.00
Readings by Sara Hawthorne$75.00
Rectification of the Birth Time$120.00
Suitability Reading$120.00
V.K. Choudhry - Financial Astrology$20.00
V.K. Choudhry - Impact of Rahu & Ketu$20.00
V.K. Choudhry - Interpreting Planetary Influences$20.00
V.K. Choudhry - Methodology for Handling Astrological Queries$20.00
V.K. Choudhry - Select Right Profession Through Astrology$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ A Complete Book on Horary Astrology$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ A Complete Book on Medical Astrology$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ How to Analyse Married Life$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ How to Avert Professional Setbacks$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ How to Identify Significant Events (Through Transits)$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ How to Study Divisional Charts$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ Impact of Ascending Zodiac Signs$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ Planets and Children$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ Predictive Techniques and the Application of Astrological Remedial Measures$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ Self Learning Course in Astrology$20.00
V.K. Choudhry ~ Systems' Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes$24.00
Yearly Reading$120.00