Readings by Sara Hawthorne


Vedic Astrologer, Consultant, and Educator

Sara Hawthorne specializes in helping children, teenagers, and young adults with health, career, education, and family and romantic relationship choices.

Her consultations are in writing (by email) and include recommendations for color and gemstone therapy (knowing the proper colors and gemstones for your horoscope).

She also recommends specific charities indicated in your horoscope to reduce the impact of the planets causing adverse effects, and other remedial measures that would benefit your chart, according to your Vedic astrology rising sign or ascendant.

In addition to answering any questions you may have about your current circumstances, Sara's horoscope readings (in writing) include:

  • “How” the planets are operating in your life
  • “When” the planets are operating in your life
  • “What” you can do improve the quality of your life

Please be sure to include your exact time of birth below, preferably from a birth certificate or hospital record. The more accurate the birth time, the more accurate the reading:

Please also feel free to also include any current questions or concerns you may have, so Sara can address these issues while she is studying your horoscope: