Suitability Reading




Suitability readings can be done for prospective spouses, partners, employees, money managers, etc.

The suitability reading will provide information on the person in terms of HOW the planets are operating in their chart, WHEN they are operating in their chart, and WHAT types of remedial measures will be necessary for the person to have better results in life.

The suitability reading will let you know whether the person has weaknesses in terms of health, finances, morality, relationships, etc.

In some cases the suitability reading will recommend that you do not pursue a relationship with the person in question, due to severe weaknesses or afflictions in the chart — and/or I will recommend the remedies the person should do to improve his or her horoscope.

In other cases, the suitability reading will let you know that the person’s chart indicates success in marriage, partnerships, employment, leadership, etc.