Bill Gates Chart


The birth time for Bill Gates has been rectified by Professor V.K. Choudhry of Gurgaon, India. Bill Gates has a Gemini rising sign. The most effective point of every house in his chart is 21:58 degrees.

Bill Gates Chart

The functional malefics for Gemini are Rahu and Ketu. The functional benefics are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

The lord of the chart (and the most benefic planet), Mercury is well placed in its mooltrikona sign close to the most effective point of the fourth house. This is favorable for him regarding mother, home life, education, fixed assets, and mental peace.

Ketu, however, also closely afflicts Mercury, from the 12th house, bringing some loss and disturbances regarding these matters. This is also responsible for occasional disturbances to his mental state regarding business matters.

Jupiter, the lord of the seventh house of marriage and partnerships has about 87% power and its placement in the third house in the sign Leo is good.

The debilitation of the dispositor (landlord), Sun, takes away the benefit of good placement. This position of Jupiter brings international ventures in partnerships and entrepreneurial activities.

Mars, the lord of the eleventh house of income is well placed in the fourth house and its mutual close aspect with the lord of the second house, the Moon, (ruling status and wealth), bestows on him very good status, great success, fulfillment of desires, widespread fixed assets, and property success.

Sun, the lord of the third house of initiatives though debilitated in the fifth house, gives easy success of high order and income therefrom.

Venus, the lord of the fifth, is well placed close to the most effective point of the fifth house, blessing him with good intelligence, deeper involvements, persistent nature, risk-bearing capacity, speculative acumen, children, and wealth through investments.

Saturn, the lord of the ninth house ruling fortune, is exalted and placed also in the fifth house of children, investments, higher education, and mental activity.

The close conjunction of Saturn, the lord of the ninth house of fortune, with Venus, the lord of the fifth house, enhances the prospects of success manifold.

The combination of the lords of the third and fifth houses in the fifth house is an excellent combination for creative thinking and accomplishments.

Moon, the lord of the second house of status in life and connected with wealth and the public, is well placed and in waxing strength in the tenth house of career and profession, ruled by the first rate benefic Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune. The tenth house is also closely blessed by Mercury, the planet of business, communication, and, as lord of the fourth house, fixed assets.

As the Moon is in Pisces, Bill Gates is sensitive, intuitive, and expansive in his thinking. The close aspect of Mars on the Moon gives him a logical and competitive mind.

Unfortunately, three benefics, Mars, Venus, and Saturn are all afflicted by Rahu in the Navamsa chart, indicating unexpected ups and downs relative to income, investments, and good fortune when transiting malefics afflict these planets in the natal chart.

Note the absence of any benefic planet in the malefic sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses. This indicates a relatively smooth life in the areas of health, easy money, and expenditures.

Rahu and Ketu, however, on the most effective point in the sixth and twelfth houses, will bring disputes, litigation, losses, and indicate disappointments on account of male progeny.

The influence of Rahu on the most effective point of the second house will also keep him on his toes in order to maintain his status, despite the otherwise great success.

Further, as these nodes are debilitated in the chart, there could be some amount of humiliation when they are operating or transiting the operating planet(s).

Timing of Events

Bill Gates was born during his Saturn main period. Saturn is lord of the ninth house of father and good fortune, and is exalted in the fifth house of mind and investments. This provided him with support and protection from his father.

From the time Bill Gates was three years old, until he was 20 years old, he ran his Mercury main period. Mercury is well placed on the most effective point of the fourth house of home and education, giving him a good foundation in life.

Mercury is also the natural significator for the intellect, communication, and business. He began earning money from computer programming efforts by the time he was 15 years old.

He entered Harvard University in 1973, during the last two years of his Mercury main period.

Ketu’s close aspect on Mercury from the twelfth house gives depth to his intellect, and a fiercely independent, non-material nature. (Until he married late, at age 38 in 1994, he spent most of his time working, and he lived rather modestly.)

The Ketu main period following Mercury ran from December 11, 1975 until December 13, 1981. Ketu is the significator for independence (non-attachment), and is placed in the twelfth house of foreign lands. Gates left Harvard during this time to pursue his business interests with Microsoft in New Mexico.

It is the twenty-year main period of Venus that runs from December 10, 1982 until December 10, 2002 that creates the phenomenal success for Bill Gates.

Venus is the natural significator for wealth and comforts in life. It is well placed near the most effective point of the fifth house of education and creative pursuits, in its own mooltrikona sign of Libra, where it is closely conjunct the functional benefic and exalted Saturn, the lord of the ninth house of good fortune.

This close conjunction of the fifth and ninth lords, in combination with the third lord of initiatives in the fifth house, makes him a visionary, gives him the mental state in which to think things through, and the ability to accomplish massive entrepreneurial projects.

The operating period from December 10, 1998 until October 10, 2001 is that of Mercury; again, the lord of his chart, well placed on the most effective point, in its mooltrikona sign of the fourth house. This should continue to be a good period for him, though Ketu’s aspect on Mercury from the twelfth house could bring some disappointments and losses, connected with speculative investments and fixed assets.

The final sub period and operating planet during the end of his Venus main period is that of Ketu, which runs from October 10, 2001 until December 10, 2002. Ketu will turn him inward to spiritual pursuits and could bring some miseries and setbacks.

The following six years of the main period of Sun can bring some gains from new initiatives, investments, his father, and the government. The personal vitality will rule low as Sun is debilitated in this chart, and is afflicted by Ketu in the dasama (success) chart.

The chart blesses him with children, as the lord of the fifth house (of children) is Venus, who is well placed in its own sign of Libra.

The chart also shows a beautiful, intelligent and hardworking wife who contributes to his good fortune.

The ten year main period of the Moon runs from December 10, 2008, until December 10, 2018, and is associated with tremendous status in life, affluence, and professional career as a public figure.

This is an exceptional chart of an exceptional man. It is truly a blessing from his positive past life karma.

Note: The birth chart for Bill Gates serves as the illustration for the cover of the new book: Astrology For Life. At the time of the book writing, his estimated wealth was at $85 billion.

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