Testimonials 2017

Hi David,

My nephew raved about you….Thank you sooooo much for your readings.  You are a gifted soul and it is a blessing to have a connection with you.    Susan T.


Dear David,

Thank you so much for the amazing Jyotish readings, Graham and I feel so grateful for the guidance. They are the most accurate Jyotish readings we have received.   Brooke H.


Good morning Sir,

I am so pleased and thankful to have received my reading and am looking forward to implementing your recommendations as discussed in the videos. I have now recommended your services to my elderly mother who is very interested in receiving the same service provided to me.    Desirine W.



I have gone thru the video and  must say that it is more than 100 percent correct in all respects.

I will follow your advice regarding puja and gems and manner of dealing with other people which you  have so  kindly and sincerely advised me.

Mukesh N.


Respected David,

Don’t know how to express my gratitude. I am at loss of words.

Method used to explain my birth chart’s basic, followed by D10 and current transit (Gochar) is simple, excellent and to a larger extent easy to comprehend. For a moment I felt like attending classroom lecture at my school. At this juncture I would like to take a bow and send my good wishes.Wishing you good luck and good health,



Hi David,

I am completely wowed by the reading and its accuracy.

I could go on and on with the details of how accurate.

This transit that I am in has brought intensity and started exactly when you said in December.

I am very fascinated by this new system and would like suggestions of what to read next.

Many blessings,

Amrita S.



I’ve really enjoyed the readings you have done for Emilia and Dustin.

Thank you,   Charlene M.


Hello David,

I wish I could express better how grateful I am for the video you sent.  It has helped me understand why things have been so difficult this year. I am so relieved to know that this transit is nearing an end and grateful for the heads up about the last hit of it in August, so I can be a little prepared for it….or at least understand what’s going on.

The Vedic astrology makes far more sense to me than the other astrology charts I’ve had done…..and your explanations are very easy to understand 🙂  I’m sending you a big THANK YOU and a cyber hug for taking the time to make the video for me.  It really has helped ease the strain I’ve been feeling 🙂

Kind regards,   Lynne A


Dear David:

Thank you for your supremely brilliant analyses and everything you have done for us.

PS I love my Kavach from you! It adds so much support of nature to life, especially with contributing to healing energies.


Will D.


Hi David

Amazing!! What a great gift to have.  I feel very validated in my life and choices I have made.

Thank you,

Aundrea T.


Dear Dave,

I have been looking forward to writing you! My husband and I went into the hospital on Friday for the results and they said that as of right now the abnormal cells are not enough for it to be considered lymphoma. We were astonished and could not believe that you had already mention a possible improvement in my health issues.  We have listened to your recordings several times and have already started to do some of the remedial practices you suggested.  I would really like to share my experience with the reading you have given us and give my testimonial. You are so gifted and you have a generous heart. We are so indebted to you for sharing all of this with us and for giving us all this hope.

Angelica S.


David 🙂

Your reading has already provided me huge relief!!!

I really needed to know that I wasn’t going crazy and something big had to be happening in order for all these tough things to be occurring simultaneously.

It’s awesome to know that the something big is the transit of Saturn in my chart. It’s also great to know when it started and what I need to do to correct its influence, Jupiter’s influence and all the other tough influences on my chart.

I could feel the passion in your reading.

The knowledge hit me at a level deeper than my surface intellect.

I am truly touched, moved and inspired by this wisdom and the compassion.

As I’m working on my chart and receiving the other benefits from the reading I’ll be sure to let people know where I went to receive help!!!!!

Thanks so much, I’m convinced that these corrections will help me and my family!

Much love and respect,

Antwan P.


Dear David,

Thank you for writing to me about the Moon in E.’s 8th house. I am involved in all of the fields you mention in the first paragraph. Everything else you say also describes my life path, and her personality really accurately.



Greetings David,

Thank you very much for the reading. Indeed, I greatly value your candid – non-sugar-coated style. Everything you shared has been insightful, empowering, and makes sense. I am truly grateful to be blessed by your gifts, and empowered by your suggestions to balance all unkind influences in my life.

Ps – I am going to invite my business partners to get readings too, and my gf too. If you don’t mind I’d like to share your email with them.

Love, Light, & Laughs



Dear David – Just a note to thank you again for your reading on Thursday afternoon, and for all the time and information you shared with me. I learned so much, and, from the files you sent, I know I have just scratched the surface! I so appreciate your openness and willingness to give so much of what you have and know. Yours with deep gratitude,



Dear Dave,

(Email before the reading):

I have been undergoing testing for leukemia / lymphoma. I had a bone marrow biopsy done last week and we are waiting results. This is a very challenging for our family. I appreciate any insight you can give us in terms of my health and our future as a family.

(Email after the reading):

I have been looking forward to writing you! My husband and I went into the hospital for the results and they said that the abnormal cells are not enough to be considered lymphoma. We were astonished and could not believe that you had already mentioned a possible improvement in my health issues. We have listened to your recordings several times and have started to do some of the remedial practices you suggested. I would really like to share my experience with the reading you gave me and give my testimonial. You are so gifted and you have a generous heart. We are so indebted to you for sharing all of this with us and for giving us all this hope.

Angelic S.


Dear David

I want to let you know that you made a prediction in the reading about last August through November, where my chart had 100% of dark clouds on many of my planets, as nothing was moving.

Last Sept 6th, I took a terrible fall and broke my ankle very badly.  I was bedridden for months and not able to put any weight on the leg til December.

I had 6 months of Physical Therapy and thankfully, by May I was able to walk again without a limp.

It was a difficult time but filled with wonderful insights.

I thought it was pretty darn good that you predicted that.  Jan B.


Hi David…sorry for the delay…I just wanted to say thanks for getting to my question and chart, despite your heavy duty schedule.  It helped my psychology a lot.  Sue D.


Dear David:

Thank you so much for this, it has helped me a lot. It explains many circumstances i have gone through and very informative and interesting. I have ordered the Special Power Kavach and look forward to receiving it.



David, Thank you.

I very much appreciate your kindness in offering your assessment.

We continue to move through these karmas day by day.  The knowledge and experience of the vedic tradition and the insight of Systems’ Approach has become the touchstone of our existence.  These gifts continue to enrich and sustain us through our lives.

Larry C.


Dear David,

Yes, I received it and played it twice. Then Cheryl and I both played it again and she downloaded it onto a memory stick only last night.

Cheryl was delighted to receive it and as always, it’s absolutely spot on. Thank you so very much.




Dear David,

Thank you so much for the file you sent me answering my questions!

Your advice and kind words are so wise and filled with true care. I appreciate them so much.

With deepest gratitude,



Dear David,

Thanks so much for the readings. They are very helpful!  You’ve done so much for us, we really appreciate it…especially now!  Tiffany is also very appreciative and thanks you greatly, for the update and the moving dates.

I’ve been saying to myself that things started getting bad Dec. 17 of last year, and you point out the transit problem beginning at Dec. 15.  Can’t get any closer than that!

Your weekly columns, as I may have mentioned in my last email, have been very helpful in giving perspective, and this reading is also.

John B.


Hi David,

Just a quick note of appreciation for the reading that you did last week. I just completed listening to it, slowly, with lots of backing up to hear it again, and writing detailed, copious notes.

You have given me everything I need to take care of the jyotish influences in my life.

I did not pay sufficient attention to your instructions after the last reading. But I’ve got lots of afflictions and need lots of remedies and propitiations and I won’t make the same mistakes again.

I am blown away by the precise accuracy of your comments.

Thanks again, David

Tom K.



Dear David,

I cannot thank you enough for Emiliana’s reading. I literally cried my eyes out listening to you say all these things about my daughter because they touch me so deeply in a beautiful way.

It seems like after your reading so much of what I’ve been experiencing in my life spiritually makes so much sense.

Most grateful!

Angelica S.


Hello, David,

I cannot thank you enough for the insightful readings.  It was a completely different experience for Steve and for me to hear (Greg’s) chart explained with clarity and simplicity, and with a solutions approach, having had several readings prior to 2002.  I was very touched and inspired by the knowledge you shared as well.

The best news is that Greg was deeply relieved and hopeful about his life after hearing the reading the first time.  After hearing it the second time, he was again greatly uplifted and is beginning to meditate again.  A ray of light in his upward climb.  The kavach arrived today and he is looking forward to wearing it.  By the way, I had ordered his reading and kavach without asking him, not really knowing what his reaction would be.

Again, please know how grateful we are.  We will be in touch to follow up with questions soon.


Mary Ann


Dear David,

Thank you so much for a truly awesome afternoon. Lots to take in but at least I have started the journey.  I feel so grateful for having had the opportunity of meeting you. I actually feel lighter already.  I think it is “knowledge is power.” I have better understanding of what is going on and how to make improvements. Many thanks also for all the extras you shared with me.

Best wishes, Trish O.