Planetary Remedies

All problems in life are caused by the weak, badly placed, or afflicted planets.

To help people come out of their problems and afflictions, the astrologer advises appropriate astral remedies to strengthen the functional benefic planets and to reduce the afflictions of the functional malefic planets.

Based on the empirical studies of thousands of natal charts, these astrological remedies have been successfully used for warding off the malefic influences and for generating good results in life.

When used as a preventive measure, these remedies may save the person from health issues, even if there are strong combinations for such problems indicated in the natal chart.

The twofold application of astral remedies (to strengthen the benefics and reduce the afflictions of the malefics) is provided after studying the problematic planetary influences in a chart.

An effective set of astral remedies for the various rising signs is offered through AstroView, Inc.

Simply contact us for a personal reading by telephone. We will analyze the strength and weakness of the planets, and provide the proper information to help create progress in life and to help alleviate the setbacks, obstructions, and misfortunes.

There are also a number of effective astral remedies which are good for everyone. See the links below to learn more:

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