Testimonials 2015


Dear David ~

Thank you so very much for my reading! I am so incredibly grateful that you have come into my life! I am blown away by your gift. Everything you said was spot on…including the month and year I began to awaken. I am eager to have you read for the rest of my family, and will share your information with my network. I feel blessed to know you and want to share your gift with the world! First, I would like a reading done for my husband, and then will work through the rest of my loved ones. 🙂

Tracey S.


Hello again, David, and thanks again for an incredible reading!

Shana G.


Dear David,

You’re absolutely right in everything you said

I’m amazed by the way you analyzed my birth chart.

Thank you very much, David! Your message was of great help! Warm regards from Portugal,  Luís G.


Hello David,

Let me tell you how much I appreciate my reading. I have listened to it at least once a day since, and over and over. Each time I pick up something new. It is so much information and I clearly see the importance.  I plan to learn more about jyotish readings, I find it so extraordinary.  I can never thank you enough!

~Shana G.



Dear David –

Blaine was blown away with his reading.

He let me sit in during the playing of the reading and his face was pure astonishment.  Especially the diabetes.  No one knew this.

He immediately went to a jeweler and had a custom pendant made that contains both the pearl and ruby.

His political aspirations are high, as I mentioned, running for governor in potentially.

He has become a Vedic astrology follower.  Thank you!

Lori D.


Dear David,

Wow! Antonio was very surprised that you knew so much about him, and hopefully, he understands my perspective a little better. Thank you so much for the compatibility reading, and for doing a reading for Antonio too. He did listen and I think it was rather sobering for him. It was very magnanimous of you to do that reading for him! Thank you so much!

Namaste,  Beth O.


Hello David Hawthorne!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for the reading you did for me a little over a year ago. It was and still is a wonderful (and enlightening) thing. I’m emailing to ask if you’d be willing to do readings for two friends of mine. I’d like it to be a gift, and so, i’d like to pay for them.

Lilly T.


I wanted to express my gratitude for your time and skills devoted to my jyotish reading. You uncovered several foundational issues and gave sound advice about how to take advantage of beneficial trends and lay low or amend the troubling times, like now. I intend to take this advice seriously, so bless you for all that.  Marci F.


Dear David:

Nancy just loved her reading!  It really gave her a boost and she is busy putting green plants in her office and getting rid of her diamonds.  Wow!   Mary Ellen S.


Hi David,


Thank you . So much more of that is true, than what we have heard before..

He will be really thankful for your input here.

I will forward immediately to him, and give him your email address if there is anything else he may want to ask you.

Best Regards,

David M.


Dear David,

I put the kavach on at the right time. Thank you. I already feel more centered.

Jarrett E.


My goodness, David, this exceeds what I expected. This is devotional work you have done. The good that your words will generate in her life will be a tremendous reward for everyone.  Love and Blessings,



Dear David!

Wow thank you so much. I have listened to it and there is so much to take in, it’s awesome! I will listen to it again and make notes! I was so impressed I have recommended Yassmin who has just recently purchased one of your email readings. Also how would I go about ordering a medallion with numbers on it that you mentioned?  Thanks so much, Lots of love,



Hi David,


Thank you for providing me with that excellent reading!  I found it to be of great value and I am interested in purchasing the mystical pendant.

-Jennifer D.


Thank you, David…… I just listened to your reading, and am feeling more peaceful.


Best to you and your family, Sundari


Dear David –

Blaine was blown away with his reading.  He let me sit in during the playing of the reading and his face was pure astonishment.  Especially the diabetes.  No one knew this.  He has become a vedic astrology follower.  Thank you!   Lori D.


Hi David,


Thanks for your service. The readings have been helpful.

In the case of my husband it helps me to cultivate compassion instead of contempt. In the case of my children it helps me set aside worry and look on the bright side. As for me, I am grateful to be alive and that helps me breathe deeper.



Thank you for your presentation/reading of Paloma’s chart. I feel that your interpretation was very skillful.

It was a positive experience.




David, thank you very much for the audio on my birth chart.

I will follow your advice down to the last word.

I am now a more relaxed person, more Buddhist in me

Murray H.

Hi David,


No worries, that was good for me, I need to work on patience.


Thank you Steven for putting in contact with David.


Very spot on. What’s funny is deep true blue and black are my favorite colors. Half my wardrobe is blue and black. I have a deep blue yoga mat.


I am strengthening those weaknesses naturally.


Thank you,



Hi David,


I felt compelled to write to you to give you some feedback on wearing the kavach. As of tomorrow morning, I will have worn it for just one week.


Three very good things happened that is out of the ordinary for me. The first was that this past Tuesday, I opened my mailbox and received a settlement payment of $1000. I had no idea I was even involved in anything. Completely unexpected! The second was that I was given public recognition at work by my VP. That hasn’t happened ever. And lastly, there is a guy at work that I have had a crush on for almost 3 years. I have always been too shy to talk to him. He sought me out via email last Sunday to help him with a project. We had a great conversation and he wants to make plans to have lunch with me!


Is that normal? I almost can’t believe it!!!! But I so grateful.


Thank you!!!!



Thank you so very much. I look forward to their experience from your readings.

I appreciate your skills and time and will continue to tell friends about your wonderful craft.

thank you, thank you, Lilly T.


I’m starting to feel enormous relief after a very tough 1-2 years…whew! I’m thankful for the role that my readings, Kavachs, gemstones, vedic chants, meditations, feeding the birds, charities, etc. have played in softening the ride and for supporting me when I needed it.

Thanks for all your support, David! It’s great to have you as an enlightened friend 🙂

All my best,



Dear Mr. Hawthorne,

First of all, I want to thank you for the audio file with my reading, and all other information you sent me, I a very grateful for this !

Your reading was very helpful for me.  All information was very accurate, well explained, structured, easy to understand and to the point, exactly how it should be.

Mr.  Hawthorne, you cannot imagine how happy I am to have found you as a teacher.  For many years I was studying western astrology and later medieval astrology, but still I kept finding myself to get very poor results.

Since I started with the vedic zodiac, vedic rules and especially with ‘Systems Approach’, I learned more in a few weeks than in all the years before.

I truly feel that after all these years, I am blessed to find a teacher as you who can guide me to true knowledge and I feel very fortunate for it!

Please tell me how to arrange the payment as soon as possible.


With kind regards,



Hello David ,

I just want to thank you again for such a wonderful reading. It’s made this one of my most memorable birthdays so far. Thanks again and I’ll be in touch very soon.




Hi David,

I have some good news to share with you since beginning to wear the kavach! The pain in my back, neck, and knees is almost non-existent. There has been some great healing in my family as well. There had been tension with my ex-husband that created some stress for my sons for almost 30 years, since we separated in 1985. This Mother’s Day, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very nice note from my ex, which dissipated the dark cloud that was hanging over our family. I cannot express how delighted I am with this new development, and how happy I am that my boys can spend holidays with both parents without tension!

Beth O.


The reading was very helpful!  I have saved the files on my computer so I can re-listen.  I really appreciate you taking so much time with me yesterday and for being so thorough.


I put your check in the mail yesterday.

Thanks again,



Your newest reading. Very insightful


Ellen Farquharson


Dear David, Thank you so much for the amazing gift. It really means a lot to us. It made me cry listening to Juniper place in the universe. Her full name is Juniper Hazel Ireland Ramsey.

You are an apostle to my little family.  I hope you and your family are well.




Namaste David,

Thank you for your explanations about my sign and keys to work my life out well.

Everything you said was perfectly exact.

Thank you for everything,

Ana Quéré



Thank you so much for the reading.  It makes much more sense to me than western astrology ever did.

My spiritual practice now is mainly Sanskrit manta work.  I think I can incorporate the mantras with your column on the transits of the plants.

I look forward to receiving those.


Judy M.


I have to say, Charles was very impressed with your reading. You have given him much excitement and hope for our future. Thank you!

Looking forward to our session on Wednesday.


Best regards,

Monina B.


Hi David!


It was a pleasure talking to you. I was really amazed at all the accuracy. It was life-changing. Again, thank you for such an amazing experience. I feel that you are here to be a life coach for others. I will pass the word and I’m re-listening to the file today!


Amy Toruño


Hi-Thanks for sending the audio file again. I finally listened to it—fascinating!!! Fit me to a tee!!! I will be ordering a mystical pendant soon and I think studying the Astrology will be beneficial for me:)) I really enjoy your information!-Beth Brady


Hi David,

This reading concerning the compatibility between Walter and myself, is absolutely amazing and very helpful, too, thank you so much! Thank you, David, for these remarkable readings.  Melissa Pritchard


Thanks for the MP3 file, I have listen to it again and assimilated more of the insights and unique approach you take.I have received several Jyotish readings over the years and derived some nice perspective from them all. Your analysis was very insightful, useful and shed new light on many issues I was seeking some clarification for. In short, I would like to thank you again for the reading, for sharing with me some of the key principles and for your proficiency and command of the process. Shai P.


Dear David:

Your meticulous, realistic readings, the depth of detail; your not shying away from the real challenges in a person’s chart, are refreshing, for me, it is incredibly helpful to hear such truths…they become magnificent navigational devices for the soul to chart its course at the highest levels of purpose and divine design – thank you, David, for all that you do.


Warm wishes,

Melissa P.



Hi David,

Thank you so much for the time you spent with me yesterday. I sincerely appreciate it and am grateful for your generosity with your time.

Since then, I have voraciously consumed a large amount of material (rereading all that you gave me, watching your online videos and I found an interview with you on Fairfield 2.0 🙂 ), I found a site to run a chart, and looked at my husband’s. I believe I have the basics correct and have figured out (through the systems approach) the issues that have plagued my husband for years! We’ve been together 10 years. Definitely profound insights have been gleaned from this. I am super excited about this!!

Thank you so very much!



Namaste David,

I cannot thank you enough for your reading, you were very spot on with my difficulties and troubled state of mind over the past few months — and it only makes me wish I had contacted you for a reading sooner this year so that a lot of what I have been through might have been avoided.

I am going to start working on all of my planetary remedies right away and will be listening to all of the audio files you have sent me (thank you again for these).

I am looking into ordering a second kavach to wear and I have also gone ahead and ordered a reading for my dad, he is looking forward very much to hearing from you.

Your sage advice, wisdom and guidance are appreciated more than you know David, thank you again 🙂



I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your recommendations last year. The changes I have made since our first reading have led me to Danilo. I couldn’t be happier… Everything has come together so beautifully. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

~ Wendy


Dear David,

Your reading is so satvic and to the point. You are excellent. It has been very useful for me to listen to it, and I will be re-listening to it more times.

It’s a marvelous dharma you have entered yourself into. Excellent.

Jai Guru Dev




Thank you! The session was amazing.I am preparing for great changes.I compare this to life coaching, with better tools!

Blessings to you!



Dear David,

Your meticulous, realistic readings, the depth of detail, your not shying

away from the real challenges in a person’s chart are refreshing for me,

it is incredibly helpful to hear such truths…they become magnificent

navigational devices for the soul to chart its course at the highest levels

of purpose and divine design – thank you, David, for all that you do. Melissa


Hi David, thank you for the reading! It is very uplifting and inspiring. I will be listening to the file repeatedly and try to do the most of it. Thank you very much again!

Here are the birth dates for the rest of my family.  Mariya G.



Thanks so much…it was a pleasure talking with you.  I am blown away by the reading and am excited to have these tools to help me strengthen the areas that need attention. I look forward to our continued relationship. Sharon U.


Dear David,

It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you SO much for the reading. I went over the audio file and listened to it in its entirety – and I think you covered the answers to any follow up questions I might have had.  You were very articulate and offered great suggestions and recommendations. I have already recommended you to a friend. Marina A.


Dear David

Your reading was brilliant and shed a deep light on my life.

Please also send me the course study material and I will start studying.

Many thanks.  Ps John will book a session with you soon.



Dear David ,

I am deeply grateful to you for the analysis of my horoscope and allaying my anxiety.

I pray to god for success in all your endeavours.   regards,   mohit mathur


Dear David sir ,

It is only due to Lord Narayana’s  grace that I came in contact with a person like you. I feel myself very lucky to have your valuable life changing advice. Not a single line of yours was wrong regarding my health and sufferings — headaches, nervous breakdowns, lungs etc. Most important thing is that you have wiped off my confusions regarding my career which I was mostly worried about. Now I have found ways and I have to only develop my will power. I was not sure about my strong domains but now I am. I will go by your advice. Wish I had met you earlier and taken your advice. Gourav Patri


Back in September David Hawthorne gave me a jyotish kick in the ass. At the time, I decided to just do all of the remedies he said. I couldn’t afford them all, but he told me how to do several of them “on the cheap.” He went over details of where I could live, career advice, and details about my future partner. He was so emphatic about me dating a physician and this physician would be involved in the performing arts. It was so ridiculous at the time. After a rough two years I am almost at a full client load and then of course there is Adam. You have to work with an astrologer that works for you and I don’t want somebody to just kiss my ass and make me feel good in an appointment. Thank you David for not treating me with “kid gloves” because you’ve made a big difference in my life.  Laurie Stokes


Thankyou very much David, I will definitely be following up on all this, referring people to you, and thanks again for all your help and insights! Tom Barlow


Dear David,

Thank you with all our hearts.  We both love you so much and are so grateful for all you do for this community and so many others around the world.

Blessings and love always,

Tom and Sandy



Thank you so much for this information. It’s a blessing to have you as a resource…you’ve been wonderful.  Gary Mahoski



This was so much more than what I expected so thank you for the extra time you put into this compatibility reading. Thank you for enlightening me on my chart. I have already made some major changes according to what I’ve learned. John Darst



Thank you so much for the reading. Everything you said was spot on. I have made my referrals for you known.  All of those occupations have been, in one form or another, an aspiration for me. Nelson Espinal



Thank you very much for the reading. It was illuminating and definitely made sense. It helped me sort out what has been going on in a larger context and your general and specific insight was helpful. I did order the mystical pendant from you already as your cautions are areas I have had trouble with and concerns for the future. Thanks again – the videos were very helpful for me as opposed to just an audio file.



Namaskar David,

On behalf of Shadaanan thank you so much for the reading David, it gave my family peace of mind to listen to due to a recent calamity involving Shadaanan; he was in a very bad car accident exactly one month ago from today and had an injury to his face on which he needed to get surgery, sure enough it came up in your reading which was very carefully and meticulously read. Thankfully he is ok now and now that he has awareness of the afflictions in his chart so he will be very careful for the time being and working on his planetary remedies. We cannot thank you enough for the amount of care you put into these readings.


Take it easy and God bless,







Thanks for sending Shadaanan reading it was so accurate. He had a terrrible accident on March 17th and had surgery. My son Devesh never said anything to you about it and your reading was right on the button. You are amazing…….!  I will keep promoting you as long as I live.

thanks to you we can reduce the circumstances.

Take care

Om namah Shivaaya



Thank you for the reading and the work leading up to it for you to be able to share this knowledge & information.  I have checked out the various links and have saved the videos, so I look forward to future benefits from all shared today. Thanks and I will follow your weekly readings as you suggested.

I will be in touch and will send folks your way.

All the best, Wanden Treanor



Priya loved the reading and said it felt spot on with her life, I can tell she is feeling a great deal of relief from the guidance you have provided her with and she is anxious to start working on her planetary remedies…thank you so much for your amazing work, I am still stunned that you were able to accomplish this without her time of birth. Thank you again David, God bless you for the clairvoyance and guidance you bring to so many people’s lives

Devesh Singh



Thank you for the extra time and care you took with my family on Friday. It was an exceptionally positive experience and it really resonated with both of my parents. My Dad was deeply impacted. When we drove home Sunday, my parents wanted to listen to the recordings (which we did!) and they had a wonderful discussion and had some great questions about yoga philosophy and all of that. It was a great experience to share with my parents. I’m so glad we met with you in person and you delivered the information in such an honest and direct way, and provided remedies. The universe makes things happen sometimes! Thank you.




Dear David:

The reading was the best I’ve ever had. No exceptions. Clear, honest, logical, in depth and precise. You have taken jyotish where it should have been all along. I gained valuable insights about myself. I’ve already begun the remedies. A sincere thank you.


PS – great reading!


Hi David,

I have some great news to share!

1)       Brian and I got married on May 3 at the auspicious time you recommended Thank you for helping us with the auspicious date and time selection…it was a very heartfelt ceremony and vow exchange 🙂

2)  Later that afternoon, I signed the official offer to work at (major Internet company)!! So YES! I got the job!! 🙂 !!! My first official day is on June 9 at their HQ and it’s a truly exciting opportunity!

Thank you for all your help and guidance, David. I’m very grateful for this relationship and connection, and I look forward to it continuing.

All my best,



I have reviewed the video files you sent several times. Very illuminating and accurately explains many things I have wondered about. And helps me put to ease some of the questions I have had about different phases of my life and why certain things seem difficult and repetitive despite my efforts to grow/learn/forgive.

Krista Jack


Dear Prof. Choudhry,

I have been ordering (through David Hawthorne) the Graha Shanti Servies remedial measures, for some months now, focusing on the periods when my chart shows some negative influence. I believe the results are very real and positive. In the past, I have purchased lengthy yagyas, performed by trained pundits. I believe that the Shanti Graha Services are just as good, if not better, at a substantially lower cost. Suffice it to say that I will continue to order the services on a monthly basis.

Many thanks for your, and David’s assistance.  B.W.


Dear David:

Thanks again for the consultation.  It was very informative, nurturing and uplifting.

jai guru dev. nancy


Dear David,

The videos came through. Absolutely amazing!!!! I thank you so very much for your great skill. I will listen over and over again. I am blown away by the information provided.

Blessings to you,

Kelly S.


Hello David,

I just finished watching all 5 videos.  Wow!  This is truly so accurate.  Thank you so much for this amazing reading.

I came upon your website while searching for more information on Vedic astrology.  I’ve been watching Kapiel Raaj (KRS Channel Astrology) learning about this subject for almost a year now but wasn’t able to understand how the “system” worked until watching your videos.

I’ve already mentioned your website to one of my coworkers and some of my friends.

Again, thank you again for this awesome reading.  I will be in touch for an electional astrology reading soon.


Marian Moore


Thanks David…

Your suggestions have delivered results. The gems, the yagyas, the kavach and the vedic sounds are delivering consistent positive results. Both Kathy and I notice this clearly including luck, spiritual experiences, health, good fortune, enjoyment child’s good fortune/happiness and overall finances. We’d recommended you to any and all.


Paul & Kathy


Hi David,

Thank you very much for the kind words and help. It was just so uncanny when we went to get the brain, brainstem MRI results from the neurologist, he said, “Justin, you should never do bungee jumping or those kinds of things. No high impact things.” And the family all said, “Oh, my gosh!”  That is exactly what David said in his reading! To never take chances. No bungee jumping. Justin should never take risks with his life.”

Anna S.


Dear David,

FYI – I am still a bit shocked at how accurate your analysis was back in 2012 for my mercury sub period.  I did not adhere to your recommendations (was a bit too confident/skeptical I guess) As it turned out, 2013 was very bumpy and culminated with me losing my job at the end of the year, insolvency of my employer, false accusations, loss of name and litigation that started in 2014 and still continues. God bless & I look forward to hearing from you. Regards  K


Hi david

Thank you again for all your in-depth knowledge in jyotish. It has been very helpful.  As paul said we will recommend you to anyone.  Kathy S.


Hi David,

I just wanted to say (again) how much I appreciate the guidance and resources that you have shared with me. It all couldn’t have come at a better time.

I look forward to getting my Power Pendant, and the audio files and learning materials are so great.

Thanks again.

All the best,

Dustin M.


Dear David:

Thank you for touching base regarding my order. I’m looking forward to receiving my Special Power Kavach! I have friends and family who already have a kavach, and I felt it was time to order one for myself. You have the respect and admiration of several of my friends–hence the referral to your website.  With Kind Regards,

Randy F.


David, You have made a vedic astro reading (audio file ) for me two years ago via a person I know from Fairfield. Which was quite accurate. And I would like to say Thank you very much to you. In fact you and I never met in person.

Thuzar W.


Hello David,

I watched them both and I have to say; that was nothing short of amazing. How did you know so many intimidate details about my family, my past, and my personality? I was floored!

Shows how interconnected humanity really is.

You did not miss a beat. I am thoroughly impressed.

I find myself referring you at least once a day.



My entire family is very happy with this gift to them and this is just got possible because of you.

Heartfelt thanks and tons of blessings from all of us to you.

Regards, N.G.


Hi David,

I just ordered a replacement kavach for my son, Finn.

And this evening I re-listened to the reading you had given him back in 2012.

Going back through the reading it is shocking how important and relevant it is – he and I are going to listen to it again tomorrow in the car on our road trip. Thanks again.

Warm regards,



Dear David ,


thank you so much for sending me the files. I had to wait a long time at Chicago Airport and listening to your analysis made the time really precious to me . It gave me quite a few new insights…..

best wishes from Germany      Kati



Hi David

I just got through listening to the entire reading for the first time and I want to thank you for your dedication and intention.

It was very rich and I think I will enjoy listening to it a second time.

I am sure you will hear from me after that.





Dear David:

You did a natal chart reading for me that I thought was profound. I also received my Kavach and was amazed when just a few weeks later, I received a boost in my business and I have noticed some progress in my personal relationships that have been stagnant for years. Amazing!!

Jamie B.


Dear Mr. Hawthorne,

He was very thankful. He thought it was quite accurate and pertinent.

Thanks,  Purushottam, M.D.


I am still blown away that my last reading you said I would end up with a doctor. We have been together over a year and have lived together since May. Things are going well. 🙂  Laurie S.

Dear David:

I really appreciate your immediate intervention on this.  He is an intelligent, creative young man, but cannot live a normal life. I knew you would get to the bottom of it. I gave them the other information about what they can do right away and they were relieved.

May God bless you.

Jai Guru Dev




Hello David, Greetings! Thank you so much for your readings. It’s been almost three months since I am following your advice and remedies. Things have definitely improved for me. Thank you for making our life more enjoyable! Regards, N.G.


Hi David,

I wanted to say thank you so much for your reading. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you. I’ve just been totally exhausted, as you saw in my chart! I have had to focus on survival before anything else. But your reading was really really helpful. It was good to know that what I was intuitively feeling (I would not feel well for a few months but would feel better in January) was accurate! I am looking into getting the remedies you suggested as well. And I’m already doing some of the color therapies.

Sending you many thanks! All the best!

Tara D.


I have listened to your readings a number of times since you sent them. I really like the video format  that describes my chart and the transits as if I was in the room with you.  Thanks for your reading – it was very accurate about my personality and traits.

Dave R.



I have watched over the video files you sent. I feel as if I’m already in different state of mind after speaking with you and recapping the videos. Really appreciate your Astrology knowledge.

Parin G.


Dear Professor Hawthorne,

My name is Lucia and I wanted to send an email of thanks to you for the positive influence Vedic Astrology has brought into my life through your readings. I received my first chart reading three years ago, and since then have lived my life with a feeling of deeper meaning and purpose. Due to my increasing interest in the planets and a desire to learn more about myself and others through our personal cosmology, I have decided to begin your online course, and am quite excited for the journey that awaits.



Dear David,

Thank you for the Audio file for my husband, it was an awesome reading.

Best regards,

Rawirat T.


I am so thankful and happy that you took your time to help me. Words can’t begin to describe how much this has helped me understand things. I will start my remedy and save for mystical pendant. It’s amazing how this info helped me feel in place. I will definitely recommend you. I will link people to you in my psychic fledgling groups and all my social media sites. Thank you sooooo much! Namaste!  Andrea S.

Thank you so much David, the information has been helping with a better understanding of myself. I also quite enjoy the Lakshmi chants.

-Greg M.


Dear David:

My head was so full and excited about our discussion that although I fell asleep before 10 last night, I was up and wide awake at 3:15 this morning, and I have felt extreme cheerful today (more than usual.) I am so happy and encouraged to hear that I can improve my future chances for good fortune and good health simply by taking the small, easy steps you recommend.

I so enjoyed our talk, both within and beyond the confines of your presentation of my chart, and I have already sung your praises to several people – so you can expect some additional new business soon!

Emmy Z.


“Wow, listening this morning….I love divining, receiving messages in this reading, and how it complements what I’ve gathered in life.  Dhyana M.


One again thanks a lot. I have gone through the all the video files you sent. I felt you have very extensive knowledge on Vedic Astrology. I did not find anybody like you who say confidently the horoscope analysis & remedies for malefic effect can be stopped.

All of what your videos say is 100% correct – and which has happened in life.

In the past where ever I met the astrologer they ruined my life & money with their half knowledge. They never were confident in their predictions or remedies.

After seeing your videos I am happy that only Rahu & Ketu are bad for my chart & you have given me courage that the rest of my life I can make use of all other planets.

I felt like you have given rebirth to me.

Once I settled here I want to come along with my family & see you.  Other remedies as told by you I started.


Dinesh G.


Thank you, David,

You did this wonderful reading for me.  Conley paid for it.  I am her brother’s fiancé.

We both re-listened to our readings from you last week and loved them.  We kept saying, “that’s YOU!”

Thank you for the gift of your learning and insight and sharing this profound knowledge with us.  Chris is most impressed.


Pamela B.



Hi David

We just want to thank you for the excellent reading that you gave us both yesterday.

We found it extremely knowledgeable, educational and uplifting. You have a real gift and we thank you sincerely for sharing it with us. We can see how much it will help us in our lives.  Bless you for all that you do.

We will keep in touch and let you know how we get on.

best wishes

Nick and Polly



Dear David,

Thank you for seeing deeply into me and laying out the menu for the future.

Thank you so much for all your support!   God Bless, Greg T.




Hi David,

I want to thank you for the reading of a few weeks ago. Clarity and confidence are mine for the leaps I am taking in this time of transition.

I heard and headed your words of caution about the relationship with “T”. We have agreed to help each other through this next transition year, and then, part as friends. I felt that something was “not right” with “us”, and had been very cautious, and now I know the reason for my hesitation. Nonetheless, we have helped each other through a difficult year.

Although I know that spiritual fortitude is my stalwart companion, sometimes a bit of perspective is helpful to maintain an attitude of gratitude and spirit of grace. Thank you again so much for providing insight through Jyotish!





Dear David,

Many thanks for the reading you sent to me. I´m amazed about that and I feel that after this day all in my life go change for the better with vedic astrology, I´m going to fix my horoscope and work hard to be a great astrologer,

I don´t have words to describe how happy I feel now…many thanks David. I´m in debt with you.


One more time, many thanks, and I promise you that I will be an astrologer and soon we will meet somewhere in the world and I will pay you for the amazing impact you made on my life from today,

Best Regards



Dear David,

Just a quick thank you for Fergal’s chart.  Your reading totally captures his personality.

Thanks again.

Kindest Regards,

Liz Garrett.


Dear David sir,

We all sincerely thank you for your accurate (dead accurate in my case) readings & helping us in order to prepare & manage our tough times. I pray the almighty for your health & let your services assist as many needy as possible.

Warm regards,

Ketan G., Mumbai, India


Hi David!  I received a compatibility reading from you several years ago and just listened to it again and wow!  You were so dead on.  Thank you!  I only wish I’d taken your advice…  Sarah F.


David, I can’t tell you what a change you have been to my world with our two readings.  It has been my pleasure because you have changed the lens that I see my life.  I plan to stay in touch and send others in your direction.  I have told many about your online course, and I will continue to support your work.

Continued Blessings,  Colette


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your weekly readings. I really do.

They are almost always a reflection of what is up in my life, and that makes me feel heard and in line with what is going on in the Divine realm. Much Love and Light, Ulrike


This is an email from a guy who paid me to do a reading for someone else. Here is what he had to say:

Judith says: “It changed my outlook on life. It was spot on and resonated with me. Also gave me a new perception of my short comings and the tools to move through life with ease. I am quite relieved to see that my future is much more promising compared to my past. I feel that I have a chance at being balanced and fulfilled. I have hope and feel that I have gained strength in knowing what is to come. I feel I can use it to my advantage in molding a vibrant and balanced future. I can succeed, accomplishing what I aim for. I am grateful for the reading. It had freed me hearing his words.”


Hey David,

I wanted to thank you profusely for continuing your hard and much needed work in writing you newsletter 50 weeks a year for so many years. It has been so helpful to me and I know a great deal of other. Always know that your work affects so many in such a positive way.

Last year, your column told me to be careful. I was aware to. I accidentally fell and broke my wrist and elbow, had lightning hit my house, and had pneumonia for 10 weeks. The blessing in all this was that you had said to guard my friendships and family. I was helped so much during these times by my sister and friends.Thanks for being so generous in all that you do.

Teresa B.


Dear David, We hope you are doing well. We are so thankful for your weekly Vedic Astrology Planetary Transits column. This is very useful during our daily life. Keep up the good work. Warm wishes for you and your families. Best regards, Urvin & Anita


Dear David,

Last May, you did a reading of the charts of my daughter and her husband. You said that his chart indicates July as a good time for conceiving. I am pleased to inform you that she is pregnant. She only found out on Monday, 3 August.

I thought I’d let you know. Arlyne W.


Thank you so much for promptly sending the prediction. Chitin regularly wears the Kavach. Thanks to you , the day she wore it, she got her first job offer. She has got a good job after searching for 6 months. Thank you,  Warm regards,   Usha R.


Dear David,

I am sending payment through mail by personal check for newsletter subscription! The check is for $100- for myself, my husband and my daughter- and any two others who cannot afford it.  I plan my week around what is said on Thursday!  I have been amazed at your reading of our charts and have been pleased to feel a little control with the remedies! Thank you for your good work!  Sincerely,  Pam P.


Dear David:

I am always so amazed at how much these readings are right on!

For instance…I have only met N’s father a couple of times and I had no idea of his health challenges.

He is a very slender, incredibly fit individual who runs and rides his bicycle miles and miles each week but recently right out of the blue had to have quadruple bypass surgery for his heart.

Incredible!!! and it was all mentioned in N’s reading that you did for her.

We love you David and thank you so much for all you have brought into our lives.

The B. Family


Btw, thanks for the great service you do in getting out your weekly newsletter. We look forward to it each week and marvel at how our lives follow the themes so closely.

Take care and all the best to you and your family,



Dear David,

Thank you so much for the gift of insight you shared with me with your reading yesterday!  I feel a comforting sense that “all is right with the world”.  This is very helpful to me in looking forward with anticipation of what life has to offer rather than ruminate on what was.  This is just what I needed at this time!

Blessings and gratitude,



Hi David,

I just got off the phone with Miss Judy. We both reviewed your audio file tonite (the 2nd one) and last nite we did the first one. OMG again…lol

First let me say THANK YOU!!!!!  Next, I have a line of people for you…but you must finish me first…lol…

The chart is ME and then some..freaking unbelievable really. You be the man!!!

I will begin to give your name and info. out if you are ready for more…cuz they will come!

You did an amazing job…and Judy and I were just blown away….THANK YOU from both of us:)

Jai Guru Dev,




Hi David,

I just got your last emails with the reading from today. You are amazing yourself. And I am so grateful to have been sent to you by Ms. Judy…I will of course always use your services in the future and refer you to others. This is truly wonderful “stuff”. Thank God somebody figured it all out:)  And thank God, that such an honorable person as you has such a big and important role in its proper usage and education (it be dispersed) to the masses. MMY would be proud:)

Many many thanks David…!!!   You are the BEST!  Blessings to you,  Gail W.


Regarding my reading and questions, the reading didn’t create fear, and I take full responsibility for any fear I feel. I really appreciate you and your approach and the straight-forward fully honest, non-sugar-coated reading you shared, and wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s a powerful time for me to cultivate trust with the universe and focus on the positive, including doing the remedies. In gratitude,  Heather E.


Dear David,

You have been very kind and I look forward to working with the remedies for my chart for a more fulfilling and peaceful life.


With Best Wishes,




Hi David,

Thank you! I received all the files and have listened to them once.

Overall I feel so grateful that I reached out and you were able to do this reading for me. You were right when you said that I called originally at a time of great need. I did…and although I’m not completely well yet I am feeling better and grateful to know that Dec. and Jan. bring continued relief.

Much gratitude and many blessings, light and peace your way David.

Victoria C.


Hi David,

Thank you so much for the reading.  I truly appreciate it!

The reading really helped me to understand what is happening and gave me hope!!!


Michele P.


Hi David,

You might remember that last year you provided a mahurta for the opening of my friend Rafia Willmott’s café in Hungerford, UK, called ELIANE? The opening was performed to the minute of the mahurta and since day one the business has really boomed. Everyone is very happy and grateful to you.  Rod L.


Dear David,

I found the reading to be simultaneously astounding and humbling. It is a beautiful reinforcement to who I’ve been, who I am and who I will become.

Namaste, Dustin


Dear David!

I finally got some feedback about your reading ! They were so happy & thrilled and a little overwhelmed… In a good way..

with all the info! The fact that breathing is Graham’s main health issue is particularly poignant as he’s been having some breathing problems and they’ve just found out that he has pneumonia!!!! How’s that for concrete proof ( smile) I would also love to have you do a reading for his older brother Mac  who is 2 1/2 yrs old.. I’m waiting for the exact birth time and I will send you the info and put a check in the mail to you..

It’s all so fascinating and I thank you for sharing your knowledge!



Thank you, David!  I listened to the first part and is right on target about my life so far.  I will be ordering the remedy from you.

Sandy A.