Online Course in Vedic Astrology

Note:  This course is taught by renowned Vedic Astrologer – David Hawthorne, M.S., J.B., J.A.

Dear Friends and Students of Vedic Astrology:

Namaskar.  Thank you very much for your interest in this online course on “Systems’ Approach to Vedic Astrology”.

I have studied Vedic astrology for more than 30 years and received my Master’s degree and Professorship in Vedic Astrology from India, along with the titles “Jyotish Bhanu” and “Jyotish Acharya”. 

Having also studied more than 100 books on Vedic astrology, I can tell you without a doubt that you are about to learn the most efficient, relevant, replicable and contemporary way to read horoscopes.

If you put your attention on this course and the ancillary materials, you will soon be able to accurately read charts in a very short period of time. You will also develop a lot of confidence in your ability to read charts quickly and effortlessly.

Over time, many people will come to you from referrals. (This is how I have done thousands of readings for people from more than 50 countries worldwide.)

Most importantly, learning Vedic astrology will contribute to your peace of mind and purpose of life.

The lessons are self-paced online videos that you can review over and over. Vedic astrology is the art of interpreting the esoteric influence of the planets on human lives. This course will teach you a systematic approach to this ancient knowledge — and the application of planetary remedies.

Testimonial 1:  I have taken David Hawthorne’s online Vedic astrology class and have found dozens of gemstones in each lesson. David clearly and patiently takes the viewer through the steps of understanding a chart. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering learning the most accurate astrology on the planet, Systems’ Approach to Vedic Astrology. —  Shayn Smith, Jyotish Kovid & Jyotish Visharad — Boulder, Colorado USA

The 31-part course costs $95.00. Click here for the lesson overview and to purchase\

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Testimonial 2:

Dear David,  Namaskar!

I have just completed your online course that you’ve made available through HHW media.

There were so many things I loved about your course. To begin with, your overview was brilliant. I’ve never seen Vedic Astrology laid out in such a comprehensive and coherent manner anywhere before. I must compliment you on the selection of such a great collection of case studies.

I LOVED the methodology you used to walk through each case study by breaking the chart down into its essential building blocks.By going through this approach over and over again for each of your case studies, you have really nailed it for your students!

I absolutely loved the case studies and how well you’ve explained them.

  • The Charles Manson case study illustration for Aries made the impact of the nodal axis brutally clear.
  • The Cancer case study on Bernie Madoff was an eye opener on how an otherwise strong chart can be overturned by the Ra-Ke nodal axis.
  • The Kennedy family case studies starting with JFK Junior’s Leo case study made for an excellent compendium that illustrated the inter-relationships between family member’s charts.
  • And the Leo case study was an excellent illustration of how a brilliant chart can be completely overrun by the Ra-Ke nodal axis right on the Most Effective Point (MEP).
  • The Virgo case study which illustrated Robert Kennedy’s assassination was brilliant.
  • The Libra case study of Jackie Kennedy was beautifully explained – everything was so clear!
  • The Sagittarius case study hit home as I have some of the same configurations as the case study. Another very well illustrated case study.
  • The Capricorn case study was also explained very well – esp the health/heart condition due to Sun.
  • The Aquarius case study on Deepak Chopra made so much sense after you walked us through all the influences in his life – especially, how he’s leveraged the power of Systems’ Approach in his 6th house through his study of medicine; and the power of Venus in his 10th house via the healing arts.

Best regards, Raj Biyani, India

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