Testimonials 2014

Hello David, Within 48 hours of putting on my kavach, I received the transfer at work I had been hoping for (despite my being 100% “ineligible” according to the agency’s official policies), to begin in three weeks. As a result, my 60 minute one-way commute will convert to a 5-minute walk. In addition, my mood and attitude have adjusted upward, my stress and temper levels have dropped, even my communication with my mother has vastly improved — and that is really saying something. I no longer waffle about making decisions or question the best direction for my life. What a miraculous blessing! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and the top of my lungs. Thank you again for the healing, balancing energy you have brought into my life. I am delighted and relieved. Gratefully yours,
– Joanne

Dear David, Thanks for the MP3 file, I have listened to it again and assimilated more of the insights and unique approach you take. Your analysis was very insightful, useful and shed new light on many issues I was seeking some clarification for. In short, I would like to thank you again for the reading, for sharing with me some of the key principles and for your proficiency and command of the process.
– Shai

Dear David: I will bring you up to date on my son. You did his chart, and I ordered a pendant for him. Many things have changed since your reading and he started wearing the pendant. These are all good changes.
1. Work offered him a full time job with benefits.
2. He is happier.
3. He takes care of dogs and birds.
4. He calls his mother and grandmothers… especially on Mondays.
5. He is having success at work, and is more and more comfortable on air. More importantly people are appreciating and can see how he is contributing to the success of the station.
6. Your comments about being careful about addictions have been a guiding statement rather than producing fear. He channeled that into exercise and conditioning.This is ALL NEW since getting the chart done, and pendant… Thank you, thank you, thank you.
– Missy B.

Hello David, Thank you so much for your jyotish reading, which helps give me clarity and peace of mind by knowing where I stand and the remedial measures. Thank you again! Looking forward to receiving the kavach! Warm Regards,
– Virgil

Good Morning David- I cannot begin to tell you how positively your reading has affected me. For this I am grateful. The information helped me to answer questions I had about myself and proceeding with spiritual endeavors. So, again, my sincere thanks for spending the time with me. I truly have a new focus. You are awesome. Truly,
– Karen

Hi David, I would like to thank you for the reading you just gave me. I felt your warm energy and peace, and am taking everything you told with an open heart. Your gift is truly amazing and I will be doing everything as prescribed. I look forward to this next phase of my life with openness and love. Your reading was very insightful and enlightening, as I will surely be keeping in touch with you throughout important phases in my life. I think having an astrologer is even more important than a financial advisor. 🙂 Namaste
– Ashley H.

Hi David, I would like to thank you much for my brother’s reading. It has helped him much and has been an eye opener for him as it has changed his perception of life. You are truly God sent and it’s been a blessing finding your website. Thanks. Be blessed.
– Souleymane

Dear David, Thank you for your reading. It was very insightful and helpful. I just listened to it last night and I will need to hear it a few times since you cover lots of information. I also ordered a pendant and am getting some of the gems that I had already (but now will wear) as well as already started today with the mantras, service and colors. Once again, thank you for your reading. It has been the best reading I have had – you were very clear, open and honest and provided me multiple options for rectifying and strengthening areas that need to be attended to.
– Sunil

Hi David, In our phone session back in April, you mentioned that from May 3rd – July 18th I was going to go through a tough period. You warned me that this would be a difficult time for me and IT HAS BEEN! I am still wearing my kavach, but need to do the other remedies that you suggested.
Just wanted to give you the feedback,
– Victoria

Thank You David, Your kindness and your support will NEVER be forgotten. I want you to know how right on your reading has been for me. You told me that I would be homeless, have separations, incarceration, or be institutionalized. All those things have happened to me. They were all short term, Praise God, but none the less traumatic.You also said I would have a windfall.. I had the liens against my Grandmothers’ property reversed and was able to sell the property for $10k. The prayers and spiritual blessings that have been coming my way are nothing short of a miracle. Thank you, such small words for the mountains that have been moved for me……
– Cyndi R.

David, thank you so much for your help. We have reviewed the sessions and I think they will prove very helpful. The quality is definitely superior to what we have received in the past.
– Edmund and Abigail

Hi David,You did a reading for me in June and predicted there would be separation between me and an older brother. At the time I thought this was very far-fetched, but recently, through some unusual circumstances beyond my control, it has come to pass.
– Susan J.

Hi David: I’m grateful for your assistance with the planetary remedies and of course your readings, which have helped me to understand and gain a perspective on my life experience.
– Daniel H.

Dear David, The audio tape has been quite helpful in gaining greater understanding. May the force continue to visit you, and may you touch many more lives with a sense of purpose. Namaste,
– Sylvia

You told me a couple of months ago that July 1-8 was the time that would be most difficult for me this summer. The weekly transits have also been talking about separations and the workplace. I got notice today that I am laid off from my job with the state. Ultimately, I’m really relieved and ready to move on, but i am so thankful for having the information to be prepared. Thanks for all your valuable insight, David. And holy s***, the accuracy is astounding.
– Rachel S.

Hello David, It was very nice to speak with you last night. I was very surprised at the amount of information that you supplied, that was truly how my life has played out.
I look forward to listening again to the audio as there is so much that I am sure I did not remember. Thank you for the experience and I am sharing my experience with my co-workers and friends.
– Jacqualyn

Hi David- Thank you for reading my sister Jacqualyn. She is awestruck. I would like to have my daughters Stephanie and Christine read, as well as my grandson Coty.
Thank you so much.
– Karen S.

Good evening David, You have been such a guide in my awareness of life (my life), and I would truly be lost without your information going through these times of my life. May God Bless you and your family…….
– Cyndi R.

Dear David, It was wonderful talking with you. The reading was certainly very helpful, and I am sure that I will be learning more and more from it in the months to come. It all feels very profound and it has touched me on a deep level already. And I am very, very excited about receiving the Kavach. (It feels like a magical jewel that is going to change my life!). I will certainly refer people to you. I feel that your work is profound and that it is something that could really be of benefit to everyone.

Dear David– I cannot thank you enough!! Stephanie was more than thrilled and went over so much with me. Also, it was a great birthday gift for Kelsey as well. So right on!
– Karen

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your “gifted insight” with my husband and daughters, and grandchildren. You cannot know the comfort you brought to them.

Hey David, Just wanted to let you know that the surgery went well and I am home, safe and sound! I made them tape my kavach and emerald into my hand to have their protection during the surgery, and boldly told the doctors and anesthesiologist that they needed to take extra care with me, as this was a dangerous time for the surgery!So thanks for all your advice, information and support.

David, I want to thank you again on an insightful and enjoyable consultation. Your recommendations are being taken seriously and I am in the process of “fixing my chart.” I enjoyed your enthusiasm and personal interest in helping me with my situation. All the best, 
– Chris A.

Hello David, I just wanted to thank you for providing the Kavach service. I bought one from you last fall, and today I am in a new work situation, much more positive, with the same company but at their headquarters in Bavaria, Germany. The Kavach was one of the things that helped me through the difficult time. Thank you,
– David W.

Hey David, I am immensely grateful to have had you do my chart, and bring so many strategies for living the full potential of my life. Much Obliged,

Hello David, It’s been about 6 months since my reading and I think about it quite often. A lot of what you told me has been a great source of encouragement and clarity.

Hello Sati, David is a good friend of mine and a great astrologer. I have done a few readings from him for myself and a few of our family and friends. Jai Guru.
– Vijay R.

Dear David: Yesterday I listened again to the reading you gave me. It helped me immensely to understand why things got this way. Blessings to you and yours,
– Kassia M.

Namaste David, I wanted to thank you again for the awesome reading last night. I am blessed to know you. Blessings of love, peace and happiness to you and yours,
– Kassia M.

Hi David, Thanks for the reading. I could sense something was going on. My initiative has been a bit weak. That was the main reason I reached out to you and it was the first thing you mentioned! Amazing!
– Buddy

Hi David, Thank you for the readings! I think it’s amazing how accurate you are! Gratefully,
– Anne

David, thank you for Lilly’s reading! She is one of my best friends. She said it is so completely worth it and it is so validating to her life and her present concerns. Thanks David, we’re big fans.
– Caylin

Dear David, Just a quick hello to give you some feedback as to the accuracy of your weekly info. As a Scorpio rising sign, I am having major tooth problems as you predicted. I continue to work on my evolution and raising my vibration. It is good to have your help in this. I appreciate your work.
– Alison M.

Thanks for your expertise & vision David. You have been so right about things you have said. Your knowledge has been outstanding Jai Guru Dev,
– Brenda

All my best to you and yours! Thank you David for getting me through the past five years, I don’t know what I would have done without your knowledge and insight.
– Angela R. C.

Hi there, David-
My life has turned around 360! I’ve found my husband, and my income will double (unrelated to him) starting in May. WOW! I think it’s the remedies…
– Mary Ellen

I received my kavach on Monday and put it on along with my diamond pendant & moonstone ring at the prescribed time. So far I experience maintaining a sublime state of mind. I can see how they work from my direct experience. They keep me lofty and in a high vibration.

Hello David, I was introduced to your weekly Vedic readings by my brother who added me to your weekly newsletter. I received my Life Reading and I can say that I am very pleased with it. You have gone into details about some aspects of my life which is great. Also, I appreciate that you discussed the transits that will take place in my chart. Jai Guru Dev

I’ve listened to our recording over and over and this is the year for me . Thank you for giving me hope and my life back….
– Angela

Hi David, Thank you so much for the Jyotish Reading you did for me in August. Desmond organized the reading and it was very informative. Your reading of my chart resonated perfectly with me and I’m happy to say my Kavach arrived and I started to wear it at the suggested time. And the GREEN car. I crashed that car 10 times. I do not exaggerate. I was told that GREEN was one of my worst colors. And I wore a GREEN emerald for years but removed it after your reading. Kindest Regards,
– Liz G.

Dear David, Namaskar, I just wanted to tell you that the amazing accuracy you often show in your general transit sign forecasts is brilliant. It matches me often better than the personalized ones. May the Divine guidance flow through your pen always. Regards
– Rishi

Dear David, Once again, thank you for the insights. You are a jewel. Jai Guru Dev,
– Marcella Gill

Dear David, Thank you very much for the Vedic astrology reading. I have listened to it several times and continue to do so. I am grateful for the confirmation of some very specific issues in my life and was happy to learn that I had been doing some planetary remedies already! With great gratitude for your work and honest words.
– Kathryn N.

David- I hope you know how much people enjoy your column in the Weekly Reader. One day I would like to tell you how absolutely exact you were!
– Michele

Dear David, It was a pleasure and privilege to talk with you tonight. Thank you so much for your reading and generous spirit. So glad to have a copy on tape as listening to it over time will help me understand and integrate what you’ve shared at a deeper level. You left me feeling empowered in regard to my life, fate and destiny. I am grateful to receive that gift.
– Krista

Thank you kindly, David…I really appreciate your insights… and as time goes by your reading was amazingly correct… Thank You So Much
– Cynthia

Thank you very much for all the help with Anand, he is doing wonderfully and we know it was because of his mystical pendant and his Vedic Astrologer. Tons Of Love
– Connie & Anthony

Hey David, Thanks again for everything. You have truly changed my life and my perspective on living for the better. I do have two referrals if you have the time.

Dear David, I have bought red coral and have followed other remedies for my chart you have told me about. Since then, I have recovered from a shoulder injury and other weakness that have been unshakable since October 2011. There is more to mention about my gratitude from the reading but the physical tangible things seemed like a solid ‘thing’ to write to you about. Yours,
– Bex

David, Thank you so much!! The reading helps so much. It is wonderful and spot on. My wife and I even broke out laughing in a couple spots because it was like hearing a description of me and my life. And I am so glad I had this done now with this upcoming year being what it is. I had a feeling something was up and this is very helpful. Just like shining light on it. This has been a wonderful gift. Thanks so much!
– Mason

David, thank you for the reading. It is surprising how accurate this appears to be. You mention something about trouble with my head as a child. When I was in junior high I was beaten severely by a group of about 15 people while walking home. My head and face were severely beaten. You are correct. I have not had anything handed to me on a silver platter. You were correct with your reading about creativity. I have a strong connection with the arts. I work in the music industry.
– Chad W.

Hi David, It was great talking with you today; I definitely have a lot to think about, it was very eye opening.
– Lucia

Hi David, Dad’s reading was AMAZING!!! 100% Bang on! I’m so thrilled that Tina did that and that he is open to wearing the kavach. You knew EVERYTHING!
– Ellen F.

Dear David: You did a reading for me some years ago that proved to be so amazingly accurate and helpful that I am approaching you again for help. I very much appreciate it. – Brad M.

You are deep !!!! I am so happy, I found you. Thank you for my wonderful reading and advice. I will listen to the audio reading, over and over, to digest it. I told my mom about my reading, now she wants one !!!! She into western astrology, I told her Vedic astrology goes deeper. Most of all, there are remedies to fix your chart. Anyways, thanks again for your help and insight. I will get to work, on my remedies, right away.
– Rhayeka

Dear David, Thank you for an extraordinary vedic astrological reading this afternoon! You can be sure I will listen to the audio file numerous times and take all of your suggestions. I was stunned by how accurate it was in so many respects! I will definitely stay in touch, and am already considering purchasing readings for my daughters for each of their birthdays…I think this would be a marvelous gift for each of them! Anyway, thank you so much – this was an amazement – and please let me know what to do about ordering and paying for a mystical pendant – I’d love to get it as soon as possible and start wearing it. Best wishes,
– Melissa

David, you gave me so much food for thought last Wednesday! I didn’t want to miss out on a single thing you said, so I kept quiet, but I was just blown away by the accuracy of your reading. You certainly nailed my personality. The area that really blew me away was the influence of the moon in my life. The fact that it has everything to do with motherhood karma just floored me, it made so much sense. WOW! I plan to purchase your home study course because I want to learn this primarily for the people I care about. With so much gratitude,
– Sandy R.

Sent Melissa your way and she was dazzled by you! More references to come. My best,
– Brad M.

Thank you David for everything that you do for us and this world that we live in. Without ever knowing you, well, my life would have been dark…not until we spoke did I actually see the light ahead. I was able to pick myself up and dust myself off and move confidently through this life. I am very grateful for you.
– Angelea C.

Thank you David. My life is changing for the better since I had my reading. Many thanks. Kristina

Hi David, Thank you for the very informative reading…I believe I gained a lot from it and hope it will help me in the future to continue with the blessed life I feel I have.
– Amy A.

Thank you David- I will be digesting and learning about this reading for a long time! It’s so fascinating.

I have already referred a couple of friends. I have also just ordered my pendant.
– Andrea

Hello David! Firstly, it is my pleasure and honor to make your acquaintance, albeit in cyber space, for having listened to your reading of my Vedic chart it is apparent that you are both a wise and deeply compassionate person, who is dedicated to speaking the truth to others. It is a trait I respect, admire, and appreciate.
– Noelle B.

Dear David, I just had my reading in early June and already it has been so accurate… there was a slow, sludgy month like you predicted, and then things have started to move in a really good way. Things are starting to flow and I can really feel a difference — and it all started right when you said. Thanks so much for your great work. Warmly,
 Jennifer J.

I do soooooo much look forward to your forecasts and have forwarded them to several friends — the most accurate of all astrological works I’ve come across.

Hi David, Man, was that reading ever spot on for Kelly! She did have a relationship go up in smoke a month ago and every boyfriend she has had, has had a (secret) addiction! From porn to heroin to alcohol to ciggys! Ridiculous!

She is very excited to fix her chart and hence her life. Thank you for honing your gift for the benefit of mankind. Robert and I really thought our readings were spot on too!
– Anna S. RN, CCH, CBTP

Hi David, You provide a great service and your book and Jyotish coaching continue to be invaluable to me.
– John S.

Thank you for all of your insight. You have given me a new perspective on life.
– Alex R.

I am blown away by the reading. There is so much new information and remedies. Wow!
– Omkara

I have a great deal of respect for the work that you do and would like to say thank you!
– Vickey

Hi David,
What a lovely reading and chart for her birthday. It was spot on! It really was spot on.
So amazing. Thanks!
– Anna

Respected David Ji, I just got to know that one of my relative expired today by accident. This is sudden and shocking. Your prediction also says that. Regards,
– Brijesh

Dear David,
Thank you so much for the reading. It was very informative and different from my previous reading. And it’s just great to receive your weekly transit newsletter. Brilliant! JGD,
– Liz G.

I have to tell you something interesting. I appreciate what you used to say that we could avoid a lot of that impact with doing the right remedies and doing good karmas like charity and poojas. I do experience that too, and always remember what you had told me a long time back about how remembering God and good karmas can lessen significantly the negative impacts in our lives 🙂 God bless you.
– Simrann A.

Dear David,
You are worth every penny! I look forward to receiving the recording.
– Gyorgyi

Dear David,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. You are one of the most caring special persons I have ever met. Your words and wisdom have helped me more than you know. After meeting with you, something in me changed. Thank you for everything.
– Amber D.

Dear David:
Thanks for the reading. That was good, most of what you said is correct. I have a sensitive digestive system, I used to smoke but I stopped smoking in 2006. I appreciate your efforts. You are such a great man.
– Jason H.

Happy New Year, David!
Thank you for our daughter’s reading – it’s REALLY good! We hope that she is wise enough to benefit from it.
– Ned T.

Dear David I just wanted to thank you for the meeting with our son. You were fantastic!!!!!! I have never seen such an inspiring, uplifting meeting !! You connected with him on such a deep level and he listened to your every word. Thank you for blessing our son with your great knowledge and the purity of your being.
– Greg T

Dear David,
I also wanted to thank you for connecting so deeply with our son during our reading. You know there are few (very few) teachers who are able to make impressions on our young people. Working in the field, I am aware of so many who are not graced with that talent. When my husband and I saw you in action the other day, we knew that you have that ability and it warmed our hearts. It also gave our son a direction, something he could DO to help himself. Thank you again for your help and inspiration. Jai Guru Dev
– Jan

David – I sincerely appreciate all of your help with this. It feels good to be able to do something proactive, I am just sad and somewhat guilty that I didn’t look into a reading for Nick years ago. His reading was very enlightening for us and I hope we can do things to turn this situation around. By the way (you said he could marry someone from a foreign land), he is marrying an Asian girl on June 1st! Your reading also described many of my son’s characteristics amazingly accurately.
– Becky M.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards. The Power Kavach is doing good for me and I have seen much improvement in my business. Thanks
– Pourushasp D.

Dear David,
I have listened twice to the session you did for me, thank you. I have made extensive notes. I’m grateful that this was the least negative and most constructive astrology reading I have received, and I’ve had quite a few. I am working through some sort of karma whereby, instead of astrology helping me, it has often been burdensome, depressing, full of malefic threats and short on Upaya. After a dismal reading experience last year it took a lot to convince me to request another chart reading. Your take on the next 19 years of Saturn dasha is quite different from what I’ve been led to think about it, and I’m happy about that.

Thanks again for your excellent, lucid, and practical Jyotish. It is a light on life, certainly. Atma Namaste. Hari OM.
– Anthony C.

Dear David,
First I must admit that today’s consultation was really inspiring, calming, and refreshing from many perspectives. I am more at peace. I have also already downloaded all the files, which are blessings! Thank you so much!

Hi David: I actually listened to his reading yesterday and sent it to him as well. So accurate!!!! I will post the payment on the website. Thanks again for everything!!
– Michelle P.