Testimonials 2022

David…Yes, you are right. I lost my husband to Covid in November 2020 and am raising our son single-handedly since his demise. The reason I am saying this is because many things resonated with what you said to me. I would like to thank you for your time and effort and all the advice you gave me. Regards, Rupa

Dear David, thank you so much for all that, it is very useful, and very uplifting. Also, you also mentioned that the aspect thrown by Ketu onto Mars in the natal chart would damage my younger brother. You are the only astrologer that ever picked that up!  My younger brother has severe brain damage. You are a very good astrologer. Thanks for all your help. Demi M.

Zoey loved her reading. She was grinning ear to ear while listening. Thank you. 🙂  Sarah L.

Dear David,

I truly appreciate your approach and the time and care you take for your readings. The reading was very encouraging, as well as your affirmations and thoughtful insights. Everything you mentioned in the videos I have intuitively felt for a long time. And I am never surprised when something in my chart reflects something going on in reality.

Thanks again, David. Your readings are always so helpful and insightful.

Hallie B.

Hello!  So helpful! I just listened to all of G’s chart.  Thank you so much for this beautiful insight!  I’m excited about these insights. Funny you mentioned health issue in November which is when G. discovered his teeth issues.  I did not even express to you how on point my reading was… So much was on point, I’m excited to help guide G. with these tools you have gifted me. Thank you very much!!  D.J.

Thank you!  Hope you are well.  I am re-listening to my reading and it is striking how many things resonate with me!  Nina S.

Hi Mr. Hawthorne, I have gone through the videos and written down all the info and my questions. I have to say that you basically read my inner thoughts and answered questions I didn’t know were even answerable. Lol!  Sue L.

Hello David, Just completed watching the video. Thank you so much for such a detailed reading and for addressing some of my questions so clearly. Your voice and delivery was so full of silence – the same silence I experience with TM :)! Your years of regular TM were so clearly reflected in your speech and delivery of the reading.

The reading left me calmer and more hopeful regarding the future. I am hopeful that the remedies you have suggested will work. Made some notes regarding the remedies around chants and activities on days of the week + colors. Will start to follow them religiously – starting today.I will order a Kavacham later tonight from the website for myself. Jai Guru Dev, Lalit M.

Dear David, Namaskar!

I just finished watching the chart reading videos for my niece. I am SO, SO impressed with how empathetic and encouraging you were in your chart reading.

When I had first looked at her chart, I found it to be a difficult chart with four planets badly placed in the 6th and 8th houses, including the 4th and 7th house lords. The second lord, Saturn is under close influence of Ketu and Sun is utterly weak. I learned so much watching how well you tackled such a difficult chart with your words of encouragement. Thanks again for such a thoughtful reading. I have forwarded your video links to my niece and her parents. Best regards, Raj B.

That’s right my dearest friend David, be the light and we are and thank you for your recent photo filled with love. I am so grateful we have crossed paths at The Raj all those years ago to help me get my life in order to understand you are right, David it’s all about when you’re born. God bless you a million thank you for everything I am grateful for your light as well. Mary Jane K.

Hi David, I just want to say how much I appreciate the reading you sent.

I had to stop listening at the 10-minute mark because it was just so mind-blowing accurate and tied together so much stuff that I had to stop and just assimilate all that. I will listen to the rest of the reading tomorrow. Just this first 10 minutes of the chart analysis blows all previous readings I have had from other astrologers, western and Vedic, out of the water.

Thanks again, Steve M.

Dear David, thank you so much for continuing to keep many others and myself abreast of what is coming or currently affecting our lives.  I want you to know how much I appreciate you for the years that you have been committed to your craft.  Pam G.

Dear David,

I am so grateful for the first two videos with your wonderful explanations! This is the most informative and insightful reading of the chart I had ever had!!  I deeply appreciate your wisdom as well as the education and insight in the reading. I have downloaded the videos of chants you recommended and look forward to experiencing them. Thank you so much once again! Alona B.

Dear David,

I just heard the audio files today.  As always, your clam voice and steady guidance is very soothing for me.  Your readings always provide me with great hope and confidence, even when they forewarn some tough times ahead. I am so thankful for you in our lives. Best regards always, Amit K.

Hi David, Your reading for me was so incredibly holy and special, it left me speechless for many weeks as I delved into such valuable information you provided. I felt like it was a sacred time with you. You have truly inspired me to be hopeful too, and look forward to joy and success in the future for me & my family. Thank you for helping to accelerate the Awakening process for so many people.  Margaret H.

Dear David, Thank you very much for your enlightening approach! I have to listen many times to your videos in order to ask you questions! Very interesting and creative your approach! Please these are the data for my brother. I will pay immediately now for his chart. Jai guru deva, Panos A.

Hello David, I appreciate the in-depth reading you performed, especially the level of the detail. You provided some really valuable insight about planetary effects and qualities that I had never heard before. Kudos to you. I am adopting your advice and setting about availing myself of all the methods of propitiating and mitigating the influences of the various planets as needed, especially Saturn. Again, I thank you for providing such practical remedies.  I look forward to working closely with you to better understand my jyotish chart and the planetary influences operating in my life. Patrick K.

Hi David.  Just got this text from H.  “Omg! Forgot to tell you. Chris felt so good! He has been doing a lot of the remedies including listening to Vedic chants, meditating, etc. it’s amazing!!!!  Just what he needed”

Hi David,

Thank you so much for this reading. I am so appreciative of all that you shared! You were spot on about my personality. Naveed and I were kind of shocked.  Naseem G.

Dear Enlightened Invincible David ji!!!

I am so grateful for all your wisdom that you generously showered upon me.  So, valuable and practical for my evolution.  I attend your weekly column many years now. With my cordial regards for you and your family

Namaskar and Jai Guru Dev. — S.A.

Hello!  So helpful! I just listened to all of G’s chart.  Thank you so much for this beautiful insight!  I’m excited about these insights.  Funny you mentioned health issue in November which is when G. discovered his teeth issues.  (Also) I did not even express to you how on point my reading was. So much was on point, I’m excited to help guide G. with these tools you have gifted me. Thank you very much!!  Jocelyn B.

Thank you, David. Thank you, my friend. This video file is wonderful. You are a good soul. You are certainly a blessing to the community. Blessings to you, my friend…Walter D.

Hello David,  I just listened to all four videos. Words to describe how I am feeling at this very moment: mind blowing, profound, inspired to learn more and in awe. The reading was beautifully done. It was exactly what I needed. Thank YOU for sharing your divine gift with me. I have no doubt it will continue to bear fruits as my life continues. With deepest gratitude, Z.O.

Pranam Mr. Hawthorn, Thank you for the beautiful reading of Satya. I found what you said profound; insecurity breeds complexities. I will use the phrase in the different yoga classes I teach, because it’s the truth. Thank you for your words and guidance. I have great respect for you, and you have helped strengthen my spiritual path.  Om Namaha Shivaya. Vaani M.


I’ve watched the video you prepared three times now…just want to leave you a note to express how much I appreciate that you took the time to make the video.  The knowledge is so valuable and the generosity that came with making the video as much so.  I placed an order for a Special Power Kavach.  Thank you.  Jai Guru Dev. Kevin S.

Dear David

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. I have found much truth and guidance in what you write and share with us. And thus, I am more aware in my life of the strengths and weakness. May you always have the blessings of God with you. Chris S.D.

Dear David,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.

I really appreciate that you did the reading. I experienced listening to it as some sort of Darshan and enlivening. I have been following the remedies and enjoying the sense of connection and wakefulness they bring to my day. Thanks again for your beautiful guidance. I really enjoyed listening to the video.  Best wishes, T.L.

Hi dear David Ji

Thank you so much for your great help to review my chat. I really feel touched with your great kindness and love. I deeply appreciated your precious time and very useful suggestions to help me go thru this challenging time. Thank you so much for your great blessing and care. You are full of love and great kindness. Your wisdom lights up my day! I feel so lucky to know you. You are amazing person! Thank you so much. Words can’t express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you. May mother nature send you a lot of blessing and support. May you enjoy fullness of life and perfect health.  With deepest gratitude and appreciation. Lay T.

Dearest David:  Back in 2017, you conducted an amazing reading of my astrological origins and it included insights to the years which have recently passed. I lost access to the reading on Hightail and have been meaning to contact you about that.   However, despite that, events seem to be materializing in my life that ring eerily familiar to the records you provided me. In other words, from my recollection, your interpretive model of my future seems to be playing out to the T.   Therefore, I am writing you, first, to ask if I could possibly regain access to the reading you initially conducted; and second and more importantly, to ask if you might possibly be available to me for another reading.  What’s at stake right now is not simply the demise of my poor soul but also the futures and livelihoods of those I hold most dear. I know this is quite a lot to process but, I cannot think of a better potential ally to ward off threats to my very existence than you who foretold the impending consequences which appear to be gathering at the gate.  Again, my deepest thanks. Warm regards, Marco M.

Hi David! I can’t even begin to describe the growth and good fortune I’ve had since receiving my kavach. I’ve been working hard and I got a good raise. My relationship with my sister has improved greatly too. I hope you are doing well.  Andrea S.

Dear David. I just wanted to let you know that a couple of years ago I had asked you about Sade Sati, which was looming for me, and you looked things over quite thoroughly and told me that March and April of 2022 would be the hardest.

Just over a week ago, I was thinking… well… March is ok so far, maybe I can sneak through “unnoticed,” ha! But, alas, on Monday the 21st, I had a TIA (mini-stroke) and was hospitalized. I only had to stay in the hospital for one night and have been home recovering. Plus a UTI (urinary tract infection) and also pneumonia popped up. Both are pretty mild and I’m on a ton of medicines.

When one thinks about it, having Jyotish is such a blessing. I knew in the back of my mind what might happen, hoped that it wouldn’t, but was able to deal with it more easily when it did happen. I can only imagine that most people would be totally floored without prior knowledge.

So, thanks very much for the prior knowledge! C.B.

Dear David:  I just watched the videos again and I am reeling from the precision and accuracy of your readings.   I am also invigorated and inspired to begin introducing the remedies you provide.  I intend to login to your site to request an updated reading.   This has already been extremely helpful.  Thank you.  M.M.

Dear David,

As I just finished watching the videos., I wanted to reach out to let you know that everything is accurate. The new rectified birth time is correct. I have been brought to tears many times and find myself emotional as I listen to you. You speak to my soul and I have great peace knowing I came into this life choosing this path.

I appreciate you diving deep and using your empath abilities to help during my reading.  I am blessed to have connected with you.  Thank you for the encouragement and honesty you give.

Blessings, Bethany C.

Hello David,

Thank you kindly for getting back to me so quickly. This is so, so difficult…I appreciate having you in our lives David. You are a Godsend!

Kathryn V.

Dear David,

JB continues to make good progress towards clarity and strength. He seems to take these leaps of improvement each week. I’m so appreciative of your support and help this summer. It was great solace while we were in the thick of it all. I deeply admire your kindness and wisdom.  As always with gratitude, Jen and John

Good morning Mr. Hawthorne,

Thank you very much for helping my little family and taking the time to go in depth in her chart. I appreciate your work so much and thank heavens I ran into your videos all those years ago on YouTube. Your words gave me strength from thousands of miles away during this testing time and they continue to.  May god bless you and your loved ones always,

Samina M.

Dear David, thank you for your recent recordings of what is going on in my chart. I also revisited earlier readings you’ve done for me. I appreciate the consistency that’s inherent in the system you use. Best wishes and appreciation, Kelly H.

Dear David, thank you so much! Always so wonderful to hear your readings. Yes! I have been studying for a while in my spare time. I’ve watched all of your YouTube readings and some a couple times! The advice you gave me in the video was what I needed to be reminded of! Thank you for refreshing me on the remedies. I’m excited to get into a new remedy routine. Thank you so much again!!! I’m going to listen again now and take my notes.  Andrea S.

Dear David…Wanted to let you know that your date (muhurta) for selling my house was PERFECT. I had struggled in the past to sell it and with your date it had several showings immediately and I got a contract for $23,000 more than ever before. SO much gratitude. Pamela C.

By the way, I just got covid for the 3rd time. My (children) also. You were so on point regarding my health.  I want to order kavach necklaces for my entire family, and my husband is interested in a reading as well. Rona Z.

David, Thank you for the reading. I feel like I got a private tutorial from you. I’m making my way through the study and course materials you sent. I’m looking forward to applying what I learn moving forward.  Thanks again. I’m glad I found your work. Namaste, Marlena Z.

Hi David,

Thank you for the reading, the videos, and all the additional educational information.  I truly appreciate your work and commitment.  The reading was very affirming, encouraging, supportive and highly congruent with my life experience.  I’ve ordered the Special Power Kavach and look forward to working with it.  I’m referring my partner to you for a reading as well.  Namaste, Jeremy W.

Dear David, I’m excited to tell you that I completed your course. I own Astrology for Life and I’ll be ordering some more books. I enjoyed the course so much — and you made it so easy to follow. I knew this was what I really wanted to do a long time ago, I just wish that I had taken it back in 2014. I don’t have any questions yet because I know everything is in the material. I just wanted to share this because I’m so amazed and elated by how it’s all in these charts. Just for fun I did John Lennon’s chart and I could see immediately that he should have never moved abroad. I think that was the moment I knew, “ok I actually can do this”.  I’m just so thankful for you!!!   Andrea S.

Thank you, David, as always an inspiring, balanced and insightful reading, which I will listen to over and over again. You are the best! A presto, Luisa M.

Dear David, I have found your weekly predictions invaluable in making decisions in my life, whether to take action or to wait till the jyotish is more favourable.  This information is also valuable in dealings with family and a particular close friend who do not understand jyotish. I respectfully ask you to please continue sending out your weekly predictions, especially until this turbulent worldwide adjustment is completed and the “muddy pond” has been cleared.  Barbara G., Sydney Australia

Dear David, Kay and I got out of bed at 1:15 AM to sign the real estate contract during the auspicious time you laid out on July 4th. As auspicious times would have it, we sold our property in four days from the official listing for an amount above the asking price!  We received a cash offer, no contingencies, no building inspection. Thanks for your sage counsel. Jai Guru Dev!  Steve V.

David, You have been a blessing in my life. Your weekly readings have given me a sense of awareness that I have always sought after.

May this Anniversary of your birth be a reminder of all the healing, wisdom and grace that you have brought to this world.

With appreciation, Susan 🙏

Thank you so much for your invaluable service. You have contributed to so much peace in my life and I am sure in the lives of many of your subscribers; it is likely impossible to capture in words… I feel much grounded with the guidance you provide, it is simply life changing.

I always revisit your reading, and hope to get better at understanding and working with maha and antardasha. Much reverence and gratitude to you David. Jai Guru Dev. Victoria P.

Dearest David

Your wise interpretation of our interesting life path has been a welcome friend to me over many years. Glad to receive your vista for another year. Sending you Saludos y abrazos grande from a grateful fan 🤗💜🤩

Susan C.

Oh, David!  My, my, my.  How things do unfold at just the right time.  I was stuck and struggling and didn’t listen to the reading until my birthday.  I used some sage, opened some windows, got centered and thoroughly enjoyed the reading.  You are magnificent!  I then spent a good amount of time over the past three days re-listening and essentially transcribing the reading so it would be easier for me to reference (5,156 words, lol). Incredible message…and right on time! Warmest regards with infinite gratitude, Heather M.

Hi David, Thank you so much for your newsletter which is invaluable in these times.  I am so grateful for your efforts in putting them together each week and for your expertise and recommendations too.   You are a huge blessing to us all. 😊  Much love,  Ann P.

David, please keep writing. Your insights are more than helpful. I read and reread about the week as it goes on. Thanks for sharing your wisdom to help us see what’s coming and why.  You’re our head navigator thru this life voyage and you can read the course map for us. Yours, Phyllis S.

Dear David,

Many thanks for your astrological forecasts. In these changeable times your forecasts are very useful and I am grateful to you for this support and guidance.  Regards, Lyudmila

Hi David,

I find that when you comment that Mercury is weak in degrees and to be patient with stocks that the stock market usually declines or falters.  This information has helped me with my stock trading.  So, I’m grateful for that insight of yours! J.A. A.

David, thank you for your kind guidance and wisdom. The house has successfully sold, my granddaughter had a safe trip down the Grand Canyon, and communication has finally been heard. Awesome dates (you gave me)!   Thank you.  Pamela C.

Dear David, I watched the video 20 times, your knowledge about the subject is remarkable I am so happy that you did a video for me I can’t believe it, if you come to India please let me know I will arrange everything for you. Kartik M.

Dear David,

Many thanks for your astrological forecasts. In these changeable times your forecasts are very useful and I am grateful to you for this support and guidance. Regards, Lyudmila

David, Please keep up the good work in these tumultuous times! My husband) and I read you every week and discuss the happenings.Sending you lots of love from Sedona. Blessings, Debra S.

Dear David:  I will be very glad if you continue sending out your weekly newsletters. I read them every week they come out and they have helped me get through some times when the planetary positions were very challenging. It really helps to know when things might get a little better! Your advice is very insightful. With best wishes, Maxwell R.

Dear David:  I just wanted to share that I received news last night that I got promoted at work! It is a significant promotion (to Director level), so I’m very pleased with the outcome. I’m grateful for the Vedic-Jyotish technologies that you’ve shared with me, including the Graha Shanti services that you coordinated for me. I believe the Kavach, gemstones, planetary remedies, and the Graha Shanti helped support this positive outcome. Gil G.

Dear David,

I have listened to my reading and I am so grateful!! Thank you for going through my chart with me, and helping me understand what has been going on and going in depth with help and understanding and meaning and care and compassion and light.

It is so fascinating to learn about my chart and it resonates with me so deeply. I am also so happy to know which colors to wear and avoid, and gemstones to wear, and which planets are strong in my chart as well as what needs help. It is so wonderful to know there are remedies, and there is something I can do to help with the more challenging obstacles in my life. This is so wonderful I am looking forward to living a more meaningful and Spiritual life, Thank you so much, David!  Heloise D.

David, I cannot thank you enough for Christian’s reading and for the video that you prepared for both of us. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found you and this method of chart interpretation. It really is life-changing stuff. I have sent a few people your way as well and will order my kids charts from you too and look forward to staying in touch. Sending you so many blessings in deepest gratitude, Bess S.

Hi David, thank you so much for sending these along (again) and for your very thorough reading, I am so very grateful. I really resonated with your systematic approach, as it very much parallels my process as a neuropsychologist when sorting and interpreting data. I very much appreciate your time and knowledge. Danielle C.

Hi David,

I just finished listening to the recording. Wow! Thank you for such an in-depth and insightful reading. You answered all of my questions and more. Thank you again for such a wonderful reading. Kind regards, Tammy O.

Thank you so much, Mr. Hawthorne.

We listened to the readings together. I’m going to listen again and take notes, so much useful information. Amazing! We’re planning to purchase the Mystical Pendant as well. Thanks again, Mr. & Mrs. L.

Respected David sir, my all years dream come true as your response to my mail. Inspite of your busy schedule you answered me so simple way very quickly it’s amazing unbelievable, hats off to you. You are really true human being. Who help others in problem and leave their life in peace. Thank you again. wish victory over everything for you and professor choudhary. Regard Arnab C.

Hi David 🙂 I just want to thank you so much for this reading, it was so helpful. You are an Angel 🙂  Daniella C.

Dear David, I just had to remark on this week’s forecast. Two years ago (2020) I had asked you about selling my house. You said I should try to sell that property by August 2022. For contractual reasons, I couldn’t and have been stuck in the market’s downturn. But it looks like my house sale is finally going to go through. Closing is scheduled for Oct 18!  Take a look at your forecast below! Thank you to the universe and thank you for your heart and support you give to everyone!🙏💙

“Libra:  Be patient for a couple of days and then expect a lift. Income and friendships are on the way — and provide support through mid-Nov. You will also have one of the five mahapurusha yogas (Malavya Yoga) in your first house, Oct. 18 – Nov. 11. This is considered one of the greatest yogas, which confers fame and fortune. Connect investments with property and fixed assets through mid-January.”  P.

David…Yes, you are right. I lost my husband to Covid in November 2020 and am raising our son single-handedly since his demise. The reason I am saying this is because many things resonated with what you said to me. I would like to thank you for your time and effort and all the advice you gave me. Regards, Rupa