Testimonials 2021

David I just listened to the tapes.    They brought tears to my eyes. Thank you……I think you have saved his life. With Deepest Gratitude !!!! Pamela C.

David… I am so lucky to have you as my Jyotish Guru. Listening to your reading, teaching, advise, commentary brought so much joy and comfort to me. I even forgot all my problems. What a balm! Thank you immensely. I have been having a rough year and your reading was spot on.  I thought I was tough and resilient, but managing countless patients with COVID and seeing them die prematurely had definitely taken a toll on my physical and emotional health. Thank God for TM and guides like you. You should definitely charge more for your services. You are the best Mr. Hawthorne. I am thankful. Seth M.

Hi David, Thanks so much for the reading!  I have listened to it once.  Very deep and insightful, I really appreciate the vision you shared. Will listen again to take notes and start doing remedies and get the kavach. Much love, Lori L.

David: The astrological events holding true for me in ways I could not have expected!   Just amazing!  Barbara S.   NYC

Dear David…You have shared professional challenges as per her chart which she has experienced all through and can very much relate to every word you said.  Thanks again for your blessings in the form of this video and so precious insights. Rasika A.

Dear David Thank you for your insights, it’s always so reassuring. JGD   Daisy M.

Dear David, I know it has been quite a while since I received my reading from you in March, 2020, but I am very grateful for it. The reading explained so many events in my life. Thank you so much for your most helpful reading and encouragement. It was quite an experience listening to the reading and understanding why so many things happened the way they did. Namaste, Linda W.

Hi David, Please accept my gratitude for sending the videos. I did go thru them and felt as if you know me forever. I will like to go for Mystical Pendant. Will order accordingly. Thanks heaps. Harpreet C.

Hello David, Thank you so much! I just finished watching these amazing videos for the first time. This is truly amazing as your analysis of past events was spot on, and assessments of “me” are far more relatable than anything I have ever experienced. I truly appreciate this information and will be eagerly looking for your newsletter going forward. I will be ordering a pendant as you suggest as well. Sincerest thanks again! Aaron W.

Dear David….You are a gift to know and I appreciate the day I came across your videos on Youtube. Stay blessed. Sincerely Samina B.

David, I really enjoyed the reading today. It was very rich with information, and I’m sure my listening and attentive mind/heart only captured a small part of the wisdom presented. I have been waiting for this experience for so long. I cannot tell you how grateful I am! Thank you, thank you!   Jenn J.

Dear David, Thank you so very much. This is so very helpful and we LOVE the reading. Thank you for taking the time to share all of this with us. You are a blessing! Caylin M.

Oh my God I can’t believe how accurate this was. It is truly amazing! I truly can’t express how this has changed my life and outlook! I thought I was losing my mind! Thanks again so much! I submitted a payment for my wife also. Chris B.

Dear David, Thank you for giving such great care, compassion, and attention to my reading. I feel cared for and looked after. I recognize many things you are highlighting in the reading. I will order a kavach, and incorporate the behavioral/daily routine recommendations right away.    Dale W.

David, Thanks for the fabulous reading. I am deeply moved by your reading and thank you for your time and expertise. Best Wishes, Kent S.

My son Mark has received his reading from you and was totally blown away as to how accurate you were with all of the timings of things that have taken place in his life. He is so impressed. He is in the process of saving up his money to purchase the Kavach. Many blessings to you David. Tina M.

Dear David, Darrell and I got a chance to listen to the detailed chart you did for him.  It was amazingly accurate (of course!)  It is always both humbling and reassuring to see “the grand plan” a bit more clearly.  Thank you so very much for all you do to enlighten us all about our karmic path in this lifetime.  It so reassuring and helpful to know this information. Ann P.

Dear David, Great thanks for your Astroview column. It is helpful to me as a weekly guide to life, with spiritual aid and inspiration. I look forward to it so much every week. Stacy E.

Dear David…Thank you for the nice and complete reading.I appreciate all the detail you go into as well as your smooth approach to some of the debilitating aspects of my chart.  Warm regards, Joel H.

Dear David, I am feeling much better than in February when I reached out. I will continue to work on the remedies and follow your advice. Future looks bright from here, and high hopes for days to come. I can’t put my deepest gratitude for your support in words, but I would again thank you for all the help and mentoring you have embraced upon me for the past four years.   Namaskar, Bal H.

Hi David – thank you for the reading you did for E.! We watched it together and it was extremely helpful. I would like to have you do the full reading for me as well. He really appreciated the extra insights you provided to him (as did I)!  The reading you did for me last year regarding when I should retire was excellent and I still listen and refer to it regularly.  Laurie D.

Hello David! Thank you so much for the reading for Daisy. This will really empower her and her life. She has a quest for deep understand and this is just perfect, thank you. We would like to order the protective pendant for her. Thank you again for all you do, Marie A.

Dear David Overall, T. was very impressed with your reading and related very much to the Venus influence. (She loves comforts and beautiful homes and cars). She identified with many of your comments and also introduced your website to some of her friends. that says a lot. All in all, she was very satisfied. All best wishes, Anthony G.

Hello David, I wanted to thank you for the comparability and sending my chart. Uma found it quite wonderful. My best to you always, Don S.

Good Morning, David! I have finally finished transcribing all three tapes from my reading you did for me in March. I actually transcribed, virtually word for word–it came out to be a full 16 pages. I realize that most people would not go to the level of detail I have in both transcribing and reflecting. However, I find the information fascinating. And some of the synchronies are astounding. For example, August 31, 2017 is the date my divorce decree was finalized. In the reading that date is called out as a separation and loss. I am now wearing the mystical pendant. I felt the energy when I put it on–actually before I did I could feel its effect very subtly. All my best to you, David. And thank you for this work. It is wonderful. Jennifer J.

Good Morning David. Thank you so much for your reading given me last August. You said in my reading that this April-July due to aspects on my Sun that I’d experience stress/difficulties due to parents and in my own life. Very true. April was ROUGH.  I do in fact have a guru in India. He initiated me into kriya yoga- exactly as you stated I’d have a guru in that type of yoga. Your reading provides much guidance and peace for me. Thank you for treating your work with reverence and sacredness because it really is. Very best, Lani A.

Hi David, I want to thank you for my reading and the heartfelt personal touches throughout! Paul 🙏❤️😇

Dear David, Thanks a lot for this guidance.This video is very helpful. I am sure all this guidance will help them make the best decision for themselves. Regards, Rasika A.

David…Thank you for your insightful guidance and always appreciate your advice. I feel honored and lucky to have you in my life. Bal H.

Respected Mr Hawthorne, Thanks a lot for your emails containing detailed analysis of my and (my sonʻs) horoscopes.  We both are really impressed with the analysis and predictions.  It’s wonderful. I shall like to request for the Mystical Pendent – Kavach for both myself and (my son). Further, I will also send the birth details of (my wife), (elder son) and (daughter in law) and request for their reading also. Thanks a lot again and my personal warm regards. Rakesh S.

Dear David.  Today’s session will help me ALOT in the next year. Thank You! Mary Ellen S.

Namaskar David, Thank you very much for your kind words in the reading. The second part is quite a reading! As always, your insights have guided my mind towards peace. I somehow like requesting reading in November and May, every time my Sun is debilitating and always appreciate your soothing voice. Take care and best wishes for you and your family.  Bal H.

Dear David, Thanks so much for the 3 video files re my current situation. Exactly what I sought. Indeed, I have had some highs and lows and am empathic to a fault. Re your comment, yes, this is a near replay of events in 2007. I’m in awe of your training and experience in interpreting the chart and effects of the transits. Jai Guru Dev. Rick H.

Hi David!  It’s Allie. You did a reading for me a few years ago and it really changed my life! I learned so much. I hope you are doing well. I’m reaching out because I finally ordered the Kavach pendant. Thank you so much for your guidance and knowledge. Best, Allie P.

Thank you so much David. I have already watched it twice and will continue to watch and study it further. This is the best, most constructive reading I have ever gotten ! I plan to study it further and to implement the remedies you have given me ASAP. Usually I walk away from Vedic readings feeling hopeless and doomed but your reading left me feeling empowered and in control ! I will definitely start studying the systems approach soon !

You were very accurate. I actually do work as a social worker for the elderly and have a second job in the legal field and my father passed away from a heart attack when I was 21.

Thank you again for everything! Carla B.

Dearest David, I just relistened to the Gift of these readings, your insights. Felt like a healing all over again. So, you were right, continue to be right. I believe so completely in the science of Jyotish. I send you all my love, with great affection and respect, you are truly amazing in your readings and your mastery of this kind of jyotish – there is a great deal of Silence in between the pearls of wisdom you bring forth – like when we read the Jamini sutras.  Joan P.

Dearest Divine Astro-Angel, I knew to trust your wisdom ; When I saw you on YouTube I knew that you were exceptional and a true gift. I have studied western Astrology for over 35 years and 20 years of Vedic.I will re-listen again to your tapes and most likely get the silver Amulet. Thank you kindly and Namaste.  Christina E.

Dear David, Namaskar… I went through the videos and to be very honest with you, I felt the peace and bliss in my mind just by hearing your voice. I guess in these difficult times the way you explain the situation and the positivity you bring through your readings/videos is immensely helpful and indeed comforting for someone depressed like me. I will definitely try my best to get regular with Meditation and practicing acceptance of the present. I’m very thankful to you and I really appreciate your effort, time and all help with these detailed readings and explanations. Best regards, Harshada K.

Namaskar David, Lots of people in my life, including myself, have benefited from you! Myself, my mother’s reading, father, cousin (is getting remarried in December), friend is pursuing his own business, another friend is back to executive life. I’m really grateful for your care and insight. You illuminate the divine knowledge in such practical and understandable terms.  Veru N.

Namaskar Davidji, I feel grateful to have known you. I have been diligently listening to your conversation and following the advice. I have been wearing the kavach since you asked me to wear it. I feel the changes within me. Thanks for being well-wisher to my family. Its pleasure to understand and gain knowledge. Please accept my regards and respects. Anand I.

Hello Sir David, I am well and I do follow much of your advice including not wearing white, feeding animals. We now have squirrels abound, bluejays, doves, and some other fine critters. It has brought me and my son much joy to feed them. I assure you, your sound advice is both sweet and good. Thanks to you I am carried further along the river of life to a better place. God Bless You. Adele H.

Hey David. Hey David, how are you? I doubt you remember me. You did my chart over 10 years ago. WOW.  A lot of what you said was very on point. Gosh I wish I listened to you. I was wondering if you still have my chart somewhere. Iʻd like a new kavach as well, I lost mine years ago. Rona Z.

Dear David, The more I absorb your reading, the more I find it really insightful and helpful. You outline things that can take years to uncover with great ease. Best regards, Sonya

My dearest friend David greetings!!! I would like to always keep in touch with you — you are an honorable man with an impeccable word and lots of heart which I so desperately have needed love. I’m so grateful you have been in my life. You’re always in my prayers thank you for the guidance and direction and your love which is priceless. many blessings my friend. Mary Jane K.

Hi David, I think of you often and hope that you’re doing well. Last time you did a consult for me, as usual, it was so very thorough. I look at the notes now and then to remind me what you’ve said and I check the calendar. Blessings to you.  Cathy B.

Thank you, David for your hard, consistent and informative work. I just arranged to send $300. Please don’t ship anything back to me. Happy holidays, with gratitude, Beatrice C.

Dear David…Thank you for such a beautiful reading for Eric. I really appreciate the reading you did for him. It was so on point! I had to tell him that you knew absolutely nothing about him prior to the reading because it’s so spot on! The advice you gave too about relationships and how to read the chart was so beautiful and helpful too. It’s amazing the depth of care and service you provide to others through jyotish.  Sacred and invaluable. Many, many thanks. P.

Hi David,I’m so grateful that Teddy’s doctor recommended Dr. M., and then he recommended you!   I wish I had known you years ago, so I could have saved Teddy all the immense suffering he’s experienced in his life Thank you for the insightful video you sent me, you encapsulated everything in easy-to-understand language and I appreciate that! Thank you for your expertise and insight. Deeply thankful that I know you so you can give us the tools to live our highest abilities and best possible life trajectory. Meg H.

Hi David, The reading was very helpful. It was informative and calming. I have great respect for the work that you do and would like to say thank you, again. Regards, Chirath G.

Hi David, Thank you so much for this reading. I watched it with M. and N. and I am so appreciative of all that you shared!  Thanks again. The insight you shed has been life changing. Best, Naseem G.

David, I wear my Kavach on a black thread and I took it off today because the thread was old and I planned to buy a new thread. Later in the day I started feeling psychologically uncomfortable. When I put the Kavach back on I felt a wave of relief. It was good I had the contrast which showed me how powerful the Kavach is at relieving anxiety. Namaste, Will D.

Dear David, Great thanks for your Astroview column. It is so helpful to me as a weekly guide to life, with spiritual aid and inspiration. I look forward to it so much every week.  Best wishes, Stacy E.

Dear David, It has been a privilege to receive your weekly “Vedic Astrology Planetary Transits” for the past ten years. Thank you for your dedication to improving the lives of so many, myself included! If you do decide to retire from writing your column, I will miss your wisdom and expertise, but will nevertheless rejoice with you in your days of blissful retirement. All the best, Gary H.

Dear David: I know you plan to retire eventually, sooner than later. I appreciate your work very much and would ask if you can do a reading for my baby sonʻs chart. This way I will live with no regrets of not having asked you before you retired for good. Best regards, Samina

Hi David, Thank you so much for sending this over. This was extremely helpful. Best wishes always, Rohit and San

Greetings Mr. Hawthorne:  Dennis ordered five books you suggested and intends to start reading them upon arrival.  He and I both watched your online class. We can’t wait for our pendants to arrive!  Thank you for everything. Health and Blessings~ Teri B.

Dear David, Thank you for getting this reading back to me so quickly. It was a pleasant surprise today!  I also put on my Kavach earlier today and with this reading, I feel very prepared for what is ahead of me. Thanks again! best always, Cupid