Testimonials 2020

David – My son W. started wearing the kavach mid-August and in late October got interviewed for the job of his dreams (and got it)!  Thanks  Alan B.

Thank you dear David. Grateful for your generous heart— as are the many who have the pleasure to know you.  As I become more connected to the FF community, I hear endless great words about you, my friend. Namaste Jennifer C.

Dear David, I just listened to my readings and am very happy with how thorough it is. Kind regards  Suman U.

Hey David, Thanks for those readings.  Cade and Fatima found a great deal of insights from them, and made them feel better. So did I. Thanks So Much, Denny T.

David… Thank you so much for the reading for Alex. It comforted me to know. Maureen S.

Dear David, Thank you so much for the info! I truly appreciate your guidance. Blessings of peace, love, & joy. Angela L.

Thanks David!  I just want to let you know how grateful I am that I’ve done my reading with you. You told so many facts about me, it’s absolutely incredible. I used to judge and not believe in astrology, however, your knowledge made me believe it. For example, you told me in 2018 February, there was a change in my planets, from bad to good. Well, at that exact moment, I started traveling while making a living. My life dramatically changed. I went from living in the basement of my motherʻs home to experiencing this tremendous world. I’m taking incredible decisions in my life and it’s working really well for me now. G.P.

Good morning David.  Thank you for your weekly Astroview column and your Vedic Astrological chart which you prepared for me last year which is much appreciated. We all appreciate and value the time and clarity that you give in your profession and very importantly your spiritual identity that you bring to all that you do.  Thank you.Kind regards and Sat Nam Suzanne E.

Hello David, I have loved your reading so much. It was incredibly helpful for me.  Thank you. Claudia P.

Hey David, Thank you so much for this wonderful description of my vedic birth chart.  I feel blessed to have my chart and I will do everything possible to stand up to it. Thank you very much. Jean-Michel D.

Dear David,

Thank you so very much for spending so much quality time with me today. I learned so much and most likely did not retain everything because there was so much new material to hear. That is what your videos will I provide. I will also go on your website and see what you offer in the way of training and literature.  Mary B.


F. has really shifted, and has quoted your first line in her readying many times which was “This person knows her mind and is very independent.” Her ex has been squelching that for years. So great job. And C. also got a lot out of his reading.   Thanks again.  Denny T.

David, I was just reading your Gemini prediction for this week. I am in the process of receiving an inheritance which for me is a huge windfall. Well done!  Michael G.

(Here is the prediction I made for him:  “Gemini: Transit Saturn in your 8th house for the next 3 years may bring…windfalls…inheritance…”)

Hi David Hawthorne, Thank you for the Jyotish reading you did for me in December! It was an excellent review for me of the reading you did back in 2012 for me. Thank you again for your service, your wisdom and your consideration. I will gladly always recommend you and your daughter for readings for anybody I find interested in it.  Jai Guru Dev, D. A.

Hi David: I have now been wearing the Kavach that you provided for quite some time and the protection provided has been exactly as advertised. I would now like to order one for my son. Nick K.

Mr. David, thank you for Brianʻs reading. I am so happy that you are the one did his reading because I believe and trust your reading, thank you so much , I feel very grateful,  . Thank you from L. and B.

Namaskar Sir!

I do not have correct words to appreciate your efforts because itʻs hardly anyone replies to requests of distressed and guide them in right direction.  You distilled the good and bad along with measures to overcome them in simplest manner, thank you so much.  Yes, you are absolutely right when you say I am not blessed from father or anyone in terms of receiving support or help.  I have been mostly on my own with financial kick from 2009 to 2011 which had effect till December 2019.  Thanks so much once again for being torch-bearer, a real Jyotishi, for me. Namaskar, Nilesh S.

Dear David, I wanted to tell you that R. is doing so much better since the arrival of the new kavach! His work has picked up tremendously and he is making a lot of new business contacts and friendships. I suspect it also has to do with him changing subperiod ruler from Venus to Sun… but whatever it is, we wanted to thank you for shining light on his natal chart!  Luisa M.

Hello David, it’s been a while.  This week I listened to the Vedic Reading you did for me back in 2014 and I’m blown away as everything you said, on the dates you gave me, happened.  For instance, you said I’d be teaching some type of spiritual practice like Meditation, Yoga, Buddhism, etc.  Well I’ve been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong since January 2016 and it’s not because you said I’d be teaching, the opportunity just appeared.  Also, some suffering you said would occur in 2015, it happened, my older brother almost died.  Too many things too list.  All my best, Ali J.

Hello David, I hope you are well.  My husband and I each ordered a kavach several years ago.  I’m sure that you don’t remember meeting me in Menomonie WI in the 90’s, but you and your readings had a profound impact on me.  Wishing you continued success.  Barb J.

Hello David.  I would like to thank you for this incredibly detailed and accurate reading.  Thank you.  Gerardo M.

Dear David, Wow, thank you.  I just listened to it.  That was an amazing reading.   I loved the depth of the reading.  The reading was healing and I loved the video of the chart. It really helped with the understanding.   I am interested in studying systems jyotish with you.  Rose C.

David, some feedback.  Dawn listened to her whole reading and is doing her remedies. She said it is highly accurate.  She asked me if I told you anything about her, thatʻs how accurate it is.  She’s really getting a lot out of it.  She’s taking notes, etc.  Thanks so much.  Best,  Ali J.

Thank you David! yes – you do have my birth info correct. the rest of my reading was correct too – spot on – I appreciate getting the good and the bad, and the remedies. I also ordered bird seed and a bird feeder yesterday – I’m looking forward to starting that daily ritual. and to wearing the Kavach.  This reading was a gift from my Mom, and what a gift, so useful! Thank you again.  Angela O.

David, Thank you so much.  Your analysis of my chart has made the most sense and I am grateful for an actual remedy that works.  Gerardo M.

Hola David, Just listening to your reading update for me last year, and you were right on about going to China Mid Oct.  Also successfully completed the first phase of my new home construction in Baja!  Your reading really described my reality.  You are a talent ? Thanks much.  I have great gratitude that the only time I traveled to Iowa in the past 50 years I met you!  You have been a wise guide for me in this journey. Susan C.

David, I am so glad I came across your website.  Looks like I have a lot to learn about vedic astrology.  You made my chart reading easy for me to understand.  I plan on watching it regularly to fully understand everything going on. Video#4 is very informative.  I need to keep watching it to completely grasp it. Also I am planning on ordering the Kavach for myself and would like one made for my daughter too. I will order my son’s at a later date.  I like your Raja take on it.   Thank you so much for your help.  Jesal D.

Dear David:  Ok thank you so much. I started listening to the 108 names of shiva awhile back each morning. It stemmed from a reading I had with you years ago. Thank you for everything you do. It has guided me many weeks of my life. Andrea S.

Hi David, This is very interesting, and very accurate. It was interesting that you said the first 15 years of my life were spiritual, and perhaps my most difficult do date. Given my family of origin, background, father, and early responsibilities- this is quite true! And while I know “marriage and business partnerships” can paint a broad stroke, my husband is also my business partner on several ventures. Warmly,  Christine W.

Hello David, I’ve gone thru all the videos twice and taken notes.  Your reading was right on the money!  All of it.  As usual.  I’m still wearing my Kavach that i got from you, but will add gemstones as per the reading.  Alison J.

Hello David,  I will go with your recommendation, I trust you wholeheartedly. A few years ago I took my KAVACH off for an event and it was lost. I had faithfully been wearing it until then. Recently my husband surprised me with a yoga/meditation room in our basement. Shortly thereafter I found my KAVACH. It was a needed inspiration during this time. I practice yoga regularly and have studied TM, I try each day to make time for it. However, the gift of my meditation room and finally finding my KAVACH has renewed my dedication. I really appreciate you being here. You have been such an influence and am so thankful to be able to reconnect with you. Kathryn C.

Dear David, A reading from you is worth so much more than any amount of dollars! ❤️   Abigail T.

David, you have a nice way of presenting jyotish in simple and profound language. Makes ya want to have benefic planets always.  Thanks for taking the time to answer my question   Carol B.

David: You never cease to amaze me.   I thought I would receive a short email with a “Yup” or “Nope” regarding the dates I sent. On the other hand, true to form, you give 150%.  (May you receive these blessing back to you a thousand-fold) Infinite Love and Gratitude. Pamela C.

Hi, David— I want to say how much I appreciated your recent reading for me. I found your reading interesting, thorough, and clear, and will use the information I received from it as best I can to emphasize the positive aspects of my life. I found many of your insights to be both profound and correct. I did, indeed, begin meditating in 1972 during my “seven years in Tibet”, and never looked back. So, thank you for noticing those influences. Sue W.

Dear David, Many thanks for your careful rectification and reading of my chart.  I definitely feel that I have a greater understanding of my chart and the influence of the planets.  I look forward with great anticipation to the arrival of the kavach.  Sincerely, Tom W.

Greetings:  Dennis and I just completed watching our videos.  How fascinating, and how right on for the both of us. You have changed our lives with your readings; there are NO WORDS to convey my deep gratitude and appreciation to you.  I will forever be in awe of your knowledge and kindness in sharing your gift with others.  I hope you have been justly rewarded in this life.  Wishing you health and blessings~ Teri B.

David, Thank you SO much for the Systems reading you did for me last week. I was so impressed and trust you so much that I would very much appreciate a detailed one that covers the next year (or so). Thank you again… and again and again. Blessings upon you and yours. Elie S.

Dear David,

At the end of April you sent me 5 video files. I listened to them the day I received them and was confronted with the accuracy of your reading. I mean I was nothing less than blown away. My life since May has been a series of wins and losses in the realm of self-actualization and growth. I’ve kept your reading of my chart in the back of my mind since then. Often thinking back to it and listening to pieces.

The fact is I was so blown away I could not think of a question. I knew only two things: 1)I would have to let some time pass and come back to the reading. 2)I wanted my entire family’s reading done. Thank You dearly David. Gustavo S.

David, Thank you so much for your thoroughness and attention. I feel you’re a blessed person as when you chanted in the beginning of the reading, my spine had a reaction. Very nice. Thank you again so very much. Will be in touch with a follow up question or two.  Lani A.

Hi David, My Dad sent me the chart reading you did for me – thank you so much! I’m at a bit of a transitional time right now and a lot of the reading was what I needed to hear right now. Thank you again! Mia A.

David, You’re beyond wonderful! With this timing (you provided) there could even be a way to sign everything in their presence. Stupendous! This (muhurta)would make someone a pretty good birth chart. So great to hear your wisdom again. Bill W.

Hello, David – Thank you for this wonderful reading.  I am really excited about the Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology.  Your reading was so refreshing, so rational, straightforward– and as you said replicable.  That is the basis for any sound system.  You’ve given me confidence to move forward with this.  Life can be a mystery without a tool like vedic astrology.  All these things that you have gone over are so borne out in my life.  My sons both were in the military at one time. Yes, I have been bankrupted and divorced.  I was especially fascinated by the last video with the advanced “secrets” that Mr. Choudhry taught you.  By the way, I am so glad you answered the question about exalted and debilitated malefics!  As far as the accuracy of the approach, I did work in finance, and the law, and in foreign countries.  My recent venture into Ayurveda covers the medical and healing areas you mentioned. My father was an electrical engineer, just as your reading suggested. So fascinating. Thank you so much again for this reading.  Carole S.

Thanks so much for you VERY DETAILED reading.  You spent a lot of time and it is very appreciated.  Rusty F.

David…When I have more time, I will share my progression over the years since I started TM and working with you (using the Systems Approach (to Vedic Astrology), leveraging tools such as the Kavach, gemstones, chants, charities, yagyas, etc). My happiness/fulfillment and income has dramatically increased over the years…I got my dream spouse, my dream job, amazing income, dream house…I feel so grateful for everything. I might be a good case study to inspire others to get on the path of TM and Jyotish (esp. your approach to Vedic Astrology).  I’m forever and truly grateful for all of your guidance over the years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Gil G.

My friend David, I sent off the videos to Dustin and just received his blessing to listen to them. He called it one of the best gifts he had ever been given. And what an amazing gift you have been given, thank you for sharing it with us. Needless to say, I think your insights will be very helpful to him in the days to come.  Thanks again for the care and time you put into Dustin’s chart, and for your weekly column, many of us appreciate you. Kind regards, -Jonathan B.

Wow, thank you so much David! We just finished listening to it. We really appreciate your time and attention. It’s really lovely and very uplifting! Thank you thank you for your knowledge and wisdom!  Genevieve J.

Mr. Hawthorne,  Thank you so very much for all of your insightful advice. I truly appreciate everything especially words coming from a father figure are very impactful. I will certainly follow your guidelines. I have also referred several of my friends to you.  Meena G.

Hey David, THANK YOU! I listened to it once already and it was really helpful. It’s crazy how spot on it is.  Greg C.

Namaste David, Thank you so much for your video today. I always say this but it is because I mean it. You have always been a great source of guidance for me since I was in high school. I will keep doing my meditation and mantra chanting and I will wear a helmet for the coming astrological challenges from March-September 2021. I appreciate the heads up! Kindest regards, Sandeep S.

Hello David, I am always so amazed at how much these readings are right on!  For instance…I have only met N.ʻs father a couple of times and I had no idea of his health challenges.  He is a very slender, incredibly fit individual who runs and rides his bicycle miles and miles each week but recently right out of the blue he had to have a quadruple bypass surgery for his heart.  Incredible!!! and it was all mentioned in the reading that you did for her.   Jonathan B.

Dear David, Your wonderful newsletter is so much appreciated with transits, predicting by rising sign, quotes, videos by Eckhart Tolle, chants, courses, etc. Also, I have worn the mystical Kavach almost 24/7 and it is very sacred and beneficial to me. Thanks. Jai Guru Dev, Will D.

SatNam David; I thank you very much for reading my chart.  I have listened to it a few times now and truly appreciate the insights.  Eventually I will be getting a kavach to help with the impacted areas of my chart. Thank you again — all you do is much appreciated. Humbly, Guru J.  

David, Thank you so very much. This is so very helpful and we LOVE the reading. Thank you for taking the time to share all of this with us. You are a blessing! Thank you again. We are so grateful for your reading for our sweet Deva… Sincerely, Caylin M.

Dear David,  May Love, Peace and Hope forever remain within your Heart and Soul. There are those of us who gratefully receive your weekly emails. Thank you soooo much for all you have done to get so many people through such difficult and changing times. You are a Beacon of Light in dark waters. Take good care of yourself — you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers for many years…….Namaste —  Lori K.

Thank you, David! The videos are really good…definitely a great addition to your service.  I am processing the reading. There is always so much information to metabolize!  Blessings and much love to you. Peg H.

Hi David, Well, I am stunned at this reading. For a few reasons. You are just remarkable. I would like to go back and listen to you, take notes and make a list of all the dates I need to be cautious of and what I am supposed to be doing to pacify the planets, and ask you many more questions. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, ~Leslie M.

Dear David, Thanks again to your genius and devotion to us, I have just ordered the more expensive special power Kavach. Why? Because the first Kavach over the last 5 years has been so beneficial and so dear to my heart. I wanted to upgrade now, and can already feel increased order, security, and more enlightened focus entering my life from having made the decision to upgrade. I am trying to say if it weren’t for your very supreme enlightenment and that of your teachers, I would not have had these benefits of the Systems Approach, especially the Kavach and your newsletter and book. Namaste, Jai Sri Ganesh, Jai Sri Buddha, Jai Guru Dev, Will D.

Hi Tom, I just listened to the astrology videos from David.  It was very interesting.  I will need to listen again to absorb it all, but many things definitely resonated for me.  I thought it was interesting that education, law, and religion came up repeatedly.  I guess I chose the right line of work!   Diane S.

Dear David… You have extremely changed my life with your insights. Thank you for your weekly generosity, as I love my Wednesday overview. I’m truly blessed to have connected with you. I will support you monthly. You give so much.  Abundance is coming.  Thank you, Dana S.

David  You are so very generous….I’m very touched. As far as my chart goes, my father died when I was around 7.  Also I have been for many years trying to fight a debt. Since doing the remedies, it turned in my favor and the money I had been paying off was refunded to me!  So, both father and government side of my chart is spot on. I really appreciated the extended advice on calming the mind because I can be of better service to my loved ones that way.  Warmly, Sabrina R.

Hi David,I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the long in-depth reading on my chart. I’ve already watched and listened a few times, taking notes of timing periods and current transits. I must also say watching your videos and the way you explain charts is wonderful for any person trying to learn and understand astrology. It’s changed me forever especially since wearing the Kavach pendant. I’m more relaxed with work and daily life. Thanks, Brent V.W.

David, I have known “A” for 5 years and I trust here explicitly. Hence I have stood back and watched just how much not only “A” has changed, but her whole life has changed. She is not the same person I met 5 years ago, she is more loving, giving, patient and understanding. She was an amazing being before, but now she is 500% better. I have watched how her life has improved financially for here just by doing her spiritual practices and wearing her pendant.  Tina M.