Testimonials 2019

Dear David:  You Are Incredible!!!!  Thank you and I will write down notes from the video. You and your family are royal!!!!!  Adele H.

Dear David   Thank you for telling me I intimidate people – you are quite right and it never occurred to me that i affected people this way!   best wishes, L.K.

Dear David:   Since your last reading one year has passed and I am ready to learn about the next one ?. I have listened to it many times and every time I am able to integrate another nuance. I’m so grateful for your support!   Carmela S.

I want to thank you for the respect you’ve given me, and my chart in the past, and express my gratitude to you for being a part of my journey!   Thanks David!   Ryan M.

Greetings David!  I have received my mystical Kavach and I am so excited to put it on!

I have the chain and am wearing a shiva ligam pendant plus my pearls.  I listen to the extra audios you sent me-daily! I feel blessed and honored that our paths have crossed! Ty ty ty for your insight, support and love of consciousness! Many blessings,  Lynn S.

Thank you very much.  Your reading was very helpful.  I am glad we had the conversation at the end regarding the concept of a good or a bad chart. …… I think you struck a good balance.  Best,  Jennifer L.

Thank you David ! I look forward to the reading as they are always enlightening and the most accurate I have ever received.  Kathy K.

Dear David, Namaskar. Thank you so much. Your help is beyond words. I have already told them about the great difference it has brought in our lives and same for S., R. and families. Thank you again, Nachiket G.

David,  Thank you for giving me such a beautiful (and very accurate) reading. I listened to it a number of times and have started the remedies you suggested.  I was so impressed with my reading that I would like to place an order to have my partner’s and our daughter’s chart read too. Thank you David. Your reading has given me a lot of clarity. In gratitude, Ulli K.

Dear David:  Your words and counsel are priceless. I will always carry the story of the young man in Fairfield with me now. Comforting. It gives me more courage. Gratefully, Jennifer. P.S. sending via email our new family photo— all of us incredibly thankful to you for helping us have “more air in our tires in bus of life”! Thank you, David. Jennifer C.

Dear David,  Namaskar. Thank you so much. Your help is beyond words.  I have already told them about the great difference it has brought in our lives and same for the families of our friends.Thank you again,Best regards,  N.G.

Dear David….You are an inspiration and shining beacon.  A. H.

Thank you david. this is revelatory. I like knowing this life is evolving along with the star fields and adjustments can be made on the move. and the part about father figures and capricious authority really resonates. doug s.

Dear David,My Kavach and diamond|emerald pendant were put on Feb 19 @10pm. Shazam!  Immediately felt the support and “power” of this consciousness tool. My gratitude is immense! Love and light always,  Lynn S.

Dear David,  So your reading has now “changed my life”.    What do you charge for ongoing consultations which I can see I will want on an ongoing basis.  This is all very exciting. I just wish I had done it sooner…like at birth ?   Can’t thank you enough,   Sherry M.

Dear David,   It’s challenging for me to express the degree of appreciation that I have for your insights in the reading you’ve done for me.  I’m still digesting the larger spectrum of its implications while acting on the full spectrum of  “remedies” you’ve identified and recommended.    Meanwhile, I am very much looking forward to your Power Kavach arriving as I continue to process the insights. Greatly appreciated,Lorne L.

Hi David! I’d like to thank you for doing my reading last week. I’m so thankful that you share your gift with the world, because it’s truly enlightening. I didn’t exactly know what to expect from your reading but WOW! Your interpretations spoke to me and I’m so happy to have this extra bit of knowledge & guidance in my life. If only my parents could have heard this when I was growing!  When you went through the timing of events in my life, the spiritual awakening you mentioned around the age of 16 gave me goosebumps.  Thank you, David!!!   Christine

Dear David,   Wow, thank you so much! We listened to the recommended pre-jyotish reading audio together and I loved listening/watching my reading! I got so much out of it and will definitely do what you recommended to help the weak areas of my chart.  I’m so excited for R. to hear his chart. He has never got his done before. I’m really looking forward to our compatibility reading, too. You are the best!!!   Sarah S.

Hi David…my name is Susan D. and you did my chart a few years ago when I was very sick and it was uplifting and accurate.  Thanks much.  Susan D.

Dear David:  It is an incredibly beautiful reading that you gave Maggie. She said it’s one of the best gifts of her lifetime! I thank you with deep gratitude. Warm regards and best wishes for the spring season. JGD. Jennifer C.

Dear David;  Looking forward to the (updated) reading.  Your first one was pretty amazing. Far and beyond anything I’ve had before. And I’m doing the remedies as well as the kavach.  Regards Dion O.

Dear David— one with a most generous heart- I am grateful for your time and abundant talents. I feel most fortunate to have you this lifetime.  I worked with several other joytisha before I found you—not the same at all if you know what I mean. You’ve impacted our lives profoundly and we are deeply grateful. Namaste friend and JGD,    Jennifer C.

Dear David, Yes, I received everything, thank you so much!  I’m so grateful for your thorough and insightful perspective on my chart! And the way you go through everything so clearly, step by step, is extremely helpful for me. So much of the reading really resonates. Samantha K.

Dear David, Thank you so much for all you do; my life is enhanced by your work!  Best, Mike O.

Dear David, Firstly, I wanted to express my sincerest thanks for the amazing readings you did for us. R. and I excitedly listened to everything when you first sent them to us and got so much from it. I have had my chart done many times, but what you said and the way you did it with the video and detailed explanations of the reading, gave me the best experience I have ever had with Jyotish. R. let me listen to his reading, too, and it was so wonderful to hear his and our compatibility reading together. I am so deeply grateful to the time and care you put into reading our charts and compatibility. Thank you so much, David. Sarah S.

David — Thank you so much for all of your incredible wisdom, knowledge and advice. Ramiro F.

Dear David,  I was just going over the reading you gave me 3.17.13.  The end at which we spoke of my son J.,   You mentioned how difficult his chart was with Gemini Ascendant and Moon in Scorpio in 6th house.  The following November he took his own life. Only my higher faith and learning more about Jyotish helps me accept and try to understand this grievous loss. Deep Regards, S.L.

Thanks David! I went through the files yesterday. Utterly fascinating! I was transfixed, and may find it difficult to sit with it a fortnight before another take… I will give it a few days at minimum. Thank you again for your work. I look forward to re-engaging with the information after some time has passed. Dane R.

Hi .  Thank you for taking the time to send this, very helpful.

I  met J. under his role of healer and teacher, and became smitten with the light side. It’s been a tense relationship, and I internalized that to be on me. Seeing him from another angle via the reading has helped me see what has been in front of me the entire time. I appreciate your mentorship with this, no father figures in my life to give such sweet advice. Thanks for caring.  Sarah G.

Oh, wow, how nice of you to send a few details re my birth chart! ?  I’m OD-ing on your information and videos…and I am especially grateful for the spiritual insights, also!   It’s lovely to see there is some real goodness still left in the world.  Thank you for your efforts to improve people’s lives, David, and for your efforts to make Systems’ Approach available for Western minds.  You’re an excellent teacher!

Blessings…and thank you, sincerely,   Debra P. ? 

Good morning, David   I wanted to thank you for the advice.  I did the surgery. Everything went well. Big hug.  Katia N.

Hi David…you were really helpful to me a few years ago when I was very sick; you predicted when I’d start getting better and it worked out that way.   Thanks so much.  Susan D.

David, I think you see me more than anyone else I know on earth, so I really appreciate your talent, sincerity and reliability to offer your wisdom all these years.   THANKS!  Warm good wishes, Susan C.

Thank you for the last reading it has given me a lot of hope and a lot of direction. I approached my job they gave me a lateral position that made me much happier, and I thrive even better now.Thank you very much. I will stick with systems approach.  Mario L.

Hi David, Thank you so much! I watched the videos today with great interest, awe and enthusiasm! So many planetary alignments explain life situations……interestingly I was offered a fantastic job 2 weeks ago and start on Monday so you were right about my career. Thank you again for your kindness and for sharing this ancient art with me. I will work on the strengthening and will continue my spiritual and charitable practices as you prescribe.  Nikki L-G

Hello David, I just wanted to thank you from my heart to yours for getting together with Charles and especially for giving him an astrology reading! He was so thrilled. He told me that you were brilliant and I agree.

It meant so much to him to meet with you and he said he felt good when you spoke of his father and his passing in relation to where the planets were at the time. He saw the reason why it happened and that gave him some emotional closure. He also liked hearing about his father in his chart. What a gift you gave him David. I am forever grateful for your kindness and your generous spirit. Kate

Thank you very much David!  I went thru your reading on Claudia.  I agree with your reading and have decided to keep this to friendship. There are no words which would describe my gratitude and utmost respect for your guidance and mentorship. These videos couldn’t have come at better time. Bal H.

Thank you very much Sir for your kindness and promptness. I have full faith in your remedies. Really thankful to you. GOD bless you with lots of happiness, good health, long life, lots of wealth.  Samir D.

Your service is invaluable, on a weekly basis, as has been the case for decades. You provide accurate insights that help explain what is going on in my personal life and in the life of us all on a world-wide scale.  Oram M.


I appreciate your knowledge and time with me. Remember you suggested a date for the surgery of my mom?  She told me this last surgery was very easy to recover from. Her body reacted in a very nice way. Doctors were waiting for fever after surgery because it could create a lot of inflammation. That did not happen. Thank you, David. Carolina V.

Dear David.

I know you’ve heard this countless times before, but it’s true. I find your service most valuable as it helps put things in context in this seemingly crazy world.

Thanks and all the best,


Hi David

You were so right about Aries rising to be careful about home and vehicles. I had an accident and some more loss due to vehicle and also my house offer got rejected. Thanks

Simrann A.

Thanks so much. Really describes me perfectly. Carol W.

Thank you so very much David.  I appreciate your time and detailed attention to my reading.  It is certainly fascinating, and I am really enjoying it.  (It’s so cool that you have studied this and know it so well! What a gift!)   I will happily send referrals your way!  All of my best, Thank you,   Hannah C.

Thank you David as always for your kindness. Please let me know how much do I owe you.

Seeking your blessings.  Alka K.

David, thank you for your response. I am lost without my Kavach on. This has been the longest I’ve gone without wearing it. I think I’ve had it almost 10 years❤️  Ivy W.

Thank you David – I think she is feeling more positive about your reading than she has in the past for other jyotish readings. thank you for helping her.  Tom E.

David ….Thank you for all you do. Your column is a huge help and also I’ve been wearing a kavach for years as you know.  Wishing you and your family abundance, good health and peace.  Jody D.

Hi David,

I just listened to your reading from 2016. You treat me like a brother and I appreciate your words and advice immensely. I signed up for another annual reading.  Bless    Eric H.

Hi David,

I just listened to the June 5th chart update again and it was so helpful. It is spot on and I am trying to be guided by the wisdom you shared.   Jo S.

Note:  Here are 2 notes she sent to me; 1 before wearing the kavach, and the other after wearing the kavach. 

  1. I am being bullied at work and I am not prepared to retire. Hope I won’t lose my job till a few more years.
  2. Just want to say THANK YOU for recommending me this kavach. Slowly but surely, I have seen positive changes. In 20 days, I was re-deployed to a less stressful role (and fewer hours) at the same pay. I am absolutely BLESSED by this. Other minor things have happened too, so all in all, I feel “looked after”. Thank you. Linda C.

David, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your amazing, wonderful readings filled with wisdom, great advice, love and compassion.   I may dare to say, sometimes I felt like the advice I never got from a father.   May the universe bless you, your kindness and great work to help us all.  Carlos H.

Hi David

I wanted to keep you posted that I was able to get a new project at my work place. This means that I will continue to stay in the US and will not be relocating. Based on your reading you suggested to somehow survive till May 31st post which from June my work life improves. I want to really Thank you for your guidance and support.  Shweta G.

Hi David:

I want to thank you for being a continuous source of light and peace in my life. You have made this chaotic time in our world more manageable. I wish you many happy and healthy tomorrows.

Sincerely, Michelle T.

Thanks for your recent suitability reading with I. As usual you were remarkably accurate. You said I. might have trouble with her teeth… She has seen over 100 dentists around the world!

Additionally, you said that she could have loss of children (several miscarriages including one at 7 months? and a divorce).  Karl J.

David, I was so touched that you reached out to clarify what is going on in our son’s chart.  I know that you have many, many people seeking your advice. In any case, we did not understand the impact of Saturn, so thank you so much for that insight. My husband and I have had our kavaches for two plus years now and we just feel that a certain smoothness buffers the ups and downs of daily living.  Many thanks for your compassionate gesture.   Mary Ann D.

Hi David!  First, I want to thank you for the absolutely fantastic reading you gave to my husband last week.  We listened to it on our drive to see family for the holidays, and it was extraordinarily illuminating. Thank you so much, David, as always, we truly appreciate your wisdom and knowledge.  JGD,  Amanda L.

The reading was fantastic.  It truly was much more accurate than I expected.  It is like a well laid out road map. I sincerely appreciate this gift from you.  It serves me as a reminder that I am on the right path, only if I keep my eyes open to the possibilities in the future.  Sincerely,  Jeff C.

Hello Mr. Hawthorne, Thank you for the reading.  Very insightful and helpful.  Best Regards,   Meena G.