Testimonials 2013

Dear Friends, Please forgive the mass email but when I have an extraordinary experience, I like to spread the word to those who I believe might be interested. In this case, I’d like to recommend a Vedic astrologer. Like many of you, I’ve had several Jyotish readings over the years. But they never seemed very accurate. And the recommendations were often weak, expensive or just didn’t fit with my lifestyle. In particular, a difficult situation recently arose in my life that I was not expecting. I contacted an astrologer I’ve used in the past, but he couldn’t offer any useful insight. So, I decided to contact David Hawthorne. I didn’t tell him about the problem or that I felt anything was wrong. Without any indication from me, David pin pointed the exact issue and explained when it would lift and what I need to do about it. If you feel that traditional Jyotish doesn’t adequately answer your situation, I would urge you to get a reading with David. I believe his system is very helpful, particularly when the more traditional interpretations fail to clearly explain what’s going on. His system, which he learned from a famous Jyotish professor in India, uses the traditional Vedic system, but places emphasis on some often overlooked points made by the ancient Maharishi Parashara. By application of these points, previously unexplainable life experiences become crystal clear. Also, David recommends planetary remedies, which are time tested, specific to the situation and easy to apply. David’s contact info is below.
– Bart W.

Wow, thanks for that reading! The reading could not be more accurate as far as identifying my strengths and areas of interest. Simply amazing. Simply fabulous. Thank you!
– Kurt S.

I found the reading very remarkable that this is a way to find the “original blueprint” of a person. I have never been attracted to Western Astrology and the main reason was that it wasn’t ‘scientific’ enough for me as well as being based on a ‘calendar’ that was set too long ago. So I’m absolutely a big fan of Vedic now!
– Pat

I was extremely impressed with David’s reading…and I have felt more empowered since receiving his input. After listening to David, I felt more focused and I believe I have received much needed direction. Thank you once again for this opportunity.
– Nicki M.

Namaskar Davidji, it was indeed a great blessing to have you in our lives, I place you in my life as one of my spiritual guidances (Guru). Thank You,
Namrita S.

David Hawthorne is a wonderfully kind man with extensive training and experience in Jyotish. I highly recommend him. He has helped me a lot to keep a perspective on the story of life that unfolds and on insights as to who I am constitutionally and what my tasks are. He has also been a wonderful support to my children as they navigate adolescence and early adulthood.
– Raven G.

I want to thank you for the reading you gave me. I have been listening to it and already started some of the remedial suggestions. I appreciate you so much. I will do all of the remedial suggestions because they all resonated as truth to me. The whole reading did. I feel things shifting already. With deep gratitude
– Kassia M.

David: Thanks for a great reading — very clear and comprehensive. I will do the remedies. It was very expansive and that is the dominant feeling. The feeling to receive knowledge from the Vedic perspective is a blessing.
– Dan

David, I listened to your horoscope for me just now, and it was wonderful and insightful and uplifting. Thank you. This has been most helpful. Many thanks.
– Haig K.

Hello David, I just listened to the audio file for my godson and it was very deep and insightful. Again, thanks for taking the time. Best wishes,
– Carlos

Hello David, I really enjoyed getting my Jyotish read by you; it gave me a lot of insight into my life. It’s nice to be reassured about things I am talented in and know what things I have the most potential in. I had a strong feeling that if I went to get my Jyotish read before my trip, I would be told it was not a good idea for me travel at that time. Although it was hard to hear, I appreciated your honesty on the topic. I decided not to risk it and postpone my trip. It was a hard decision, but I feel a huge weight off my shoulders now.
– Talia W.

Dear David, Just a quick message to thank you for the Kavaches for my family; they all arrived safely and they are thrilled to have them and to listen to your readings. Incidentally, I have been re-listening to my reading over and over, and I am just overwhelmed by the depth of this knowledge. So I feel very fortunate and grateful. Again, many thanks.
– Carlos H.

Hi David. Your gift came during what I’ll describe as an “energetic” overhaul. I felt recognized. I felt remembered. I felt a deeper connection to all that is. Thank you for being so gentle yet so invigoratingly honest. What you did for me (and DO for others) calls on a DEEPLY sacred “you”. Love and Light
Stan B.

Dear David, I was absolutely amazed by the accuracy of your reading — It was extremely actual — and especially in tune with time periods, specific life details, health details. I found your reading to be exceptionally insightful — seriously true.
– Lindsey H.

Hi Professor Hawthorne: I had the chance to listen to the reading you gave me and was highly impressed with how accurate it was. It was refreshing to have a reading that wasn’t vague or that seemed applicable to everyone. The natal reading you did for me was amazing.
– Ben T.

Dear David, This was such a wonderful reading, and so very useful and practical. Having things to work on is wonderful, and I will endeavor to do this with a willing and open heart. Again thank you David. I am happy to have connected with you, and I will definitely be recommending my clients to you.
– Alison M.

David: Erin was very affected because you mentioned kidney ailments and her mother passed away from kidney problems associated with alcohol. She says she’s going to be even better about taking care of herself and her organs. Kevin was absolutely impressed that you knew he was athletic without even seeing him. He’s one of the biggest muscled guys I’ve ever seen and “working out” is his life. Seeing the excitement on their faces when you were talking to them (they looked like kids on Christmas morning) inspired me to learn this amazing science! I am really enjoying my Kavach and the weekly updates. My life is going extremely smoothly and I am grinning about that.
– Angela D.

David, you warned me that July & August would be very tough on my Dad. No kidding! July has been like a steamroller, several declines… Tonight was a nightmare. I thank God & the angels for looking out for Dad. The day was right in line with your advice.
– Emmie D.

Hi David, boy, have I got a story for you. Last Thursday I came home and found a notice on my door to move out by Aug 8th! There goes my “property” that my children and I live on. It is just out of the blue for me. Here is the prediction you made this week: Be patient with your status and family life. There may be unexpected expenses and separations with property and vehicles! You are AMAZING! Our charts are so accurate, it’s just remarkable. I took my diamond engagement ring off, on your advice, and the change has been incredible. I’m back to my old self again, after about 3 years of difficulties since my husband gave it to me. Thank you! Warmest wishes.
– Kate R.

Hi David, Thank you for providing this email newsletter. It has always been on the dot for us. For your forecast on the week of the 19th there were long-distance trips for Taurus. I had a long trip outside the country that had been planned for weeks. Every week is simply correct.
– Jorge Q.

Hello David, Well, thanks to you I have been able to survive the month of August. Your reading was timely and your warning regarding the twelfth house and a possibility of not making it was spot on. Thanks David.
– Daniel B.

Thank you for your wonderful work. Astroview makes a big difference in my life.
– Terry B.

Just listened to my reading again, and had to tell you that you mentioned that from mid-April to mid-May to use care and patience, and that accidents or deaths would occur in this time. My Mom died May 16. Gives a person goose bumps!
– Paula C.

Hi David, Amazing!! I’ve been listening to my Vedic astrology reading over the weekend and especially loved your information, on colors to wear, gemstones, and the charity I can do to remedy my malefics. I was amazed at how accurate it was.
– Debbie D.

David, Everyone so enjoyed having you read their charts. It was the highlight of our reunion and the basis for conversation well into the evening! You couldn’t have been more welcoming or congenial to us. We will pass the word on to others about your amazing work.
– Nancy H.

Dear David, you wrote: “September 23rd looks okay for your chart; no major afflictions. But, there may still be some delay or rescheduling…. If so, that is favorable for you”…. Well, you were absolutely right! They rescheduled for October 22!
– Connie H.

The manic episodes that D’s son had [a LOT of whopper ones last summer and fall] stopped around January of this year as you said they would. Good on you.
– Karl J.

Dear David, I’d like to thank you for all the help and advice. I don’t know how to thank you enough. I keep on listening to the reading and it helps clearing away the negativity. With God’s blessings and prayers
– Niloufar Y.

David, I also wanted to let you know how specifically right you were in all the details of the two men in my life. Though I have a very, strong and deep connection to both, both relationships have complications. But it is exactly as you said it would be.
– Brenda S.

The reading with you was excellent and indispensable for surviving a very difficult time. That extremely difficult period began to lift in May and June as you predicted and now I’m beginning to feel more optimism, clarity and energy.
– Daniel H.

David you know that you are like a Guru to my children and they always respect your knowledge and predictions. With Love.
– Santji

Dear David, thank you so much for the session this morning. You told me so many things that I knew intuitively, and much more. You just explained my entire life to me in a way that I can better relate to myself.
– Lucia J.

Hi David, Thank you, I do adore truth & you see perfectly. I can’t tell you how absolutely accurate you were w/ Boyd & Bill. Outstanding! All of it was precisely accurate in all the precise details, beautifully so. So precise indeed!
– Brenda

Hi David, You gave me a wonderful reading a couple of months ago. Thank you so much. I’ve found my reading extremely helpful.
– Lorrie G.

Hi David, Thank you once again for a great experience with the reading yesterday. It was extremely helpful and very empowering. You definitely have an enlightened gift with Jyotish, and I’m honored to have benefited from your guidance. The advice you provided through my birth chart makes total sense and I shall use it as a powerful tool in my growth and fulfillment of potential. I’m very thankful for masters like you who help light the path.

Thanks David. My Dad very much enjoyed his reading and mentioned he is interested in working with you on a regular basis, as am I! Thanks so much for everything.
– Jill W.

Hello David! I’m a Virgo rising and recently you mentioned something about a “windfall”. So…..out of the blue….I got a check from the IRS for a totally unexpected tax refund for almost the exact amount I wanted!!
– Andrea M.

David- Thank you so much for my reading a few weeks ago. It was a lot of information and I in turn ordered the home study course to learn more. My husband John also thoroughly enjoyed his reading. We are looking forward to working together to help lead a healthy, strong and fruitful life. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and helping us to lead the best life possible.
– Lara C.

Dear David, I am really happy that you did my chart. God will always bless you. I am very grateful to you. I do not feel like I am fighting myself as much as before. This is amazing.
– Lucia J.

Dear David, It was amazing how the day after I started wearing my Kavach, I received the long awaited email from the university in California asking me for a telephone interview. I am feeling more relaxed now and can have better meditations. – Nil

Dear David, every one of my clients who have a Kavach from you report a significant improvement in the way they feel. I am happy and grateful Warmly.
– Dawn

You are so right, I did go for an interview on Nov.10.2010 Wednesday. It is in the Beauty Industry, the education I completed last July 2009 and could not get a job in. You are simply amazing!
– Meena

Dear David, I really need to thank you every day for your generosity and wish instructions. It is really working. I am working with the colors as you advised and I feel so different. Love and success to you and your precious family.
– Lucia

Dear David, Thank you so much for the session yesterday. It was enlightening, sobering, and very inspiring at the same time.
– Jane

Dear David, It was an honor and a delight to spend time with you yesterday. You clarified many things for me and I am very grateful to you for sharing your knowledge. We will talk with our children about having readings with you and would like to pay your full price for those readings.All blessings to you.
– Tracy

Dear David, I am writing to thank you for your imput since I had my reading with you, received my kavach etc.Your weekly transits are always valuable, and so accurate, and you have been so helpful in guiding me to make decisions about travelling, and also to give me perspective around my near fatal accident not so long ago.I will recommend you to anyone who needs an astrologer,and am thankful you are here to help us.
Alison M. Brighton

I’ve been feeling so peaceful and confident since the reading. I’m getting back to meditating. Thank you so much for your insight. I’m excited about my prospects for the future. – Julie J.

Dear David: Absolutely elegant and cosmic update! Thank you.Very clear, and precisely perceptive. As always you are just incredibly wonderful at this and it brings great joy and comfort. – Brenda

Thanks David for the clarification . I look forward to wearing the kavach & pray things start improving sooner , your Gemini Ascendant forecast is encouraging. I am indeed happy to write a testimonial for you should you need one , rarely does one find someone so helpful & understanding.God Bless.
– Pourushasp

Dear David: On a side note, the remedies that you prescribed for me has really made a difference. In addition to the Kavach, I decided to get the gemstones that you recommended and I’ve been performing the other remedies. And just yesterday, right after my negative period ended (from mid-Jan to mid-Feb), my boss came into my office to offer me a new position with much greater responsibility and a promotion! There are other things that I could mention, but I won’t bore you with the details! Just know that your weekly transit emails have been accurate for me! I’ll keep you posted on my progress and once again…THANK YOU for the Light that you share in this world. You are making a very positive difference 🙂

David, if I wasn’t a believer in jyotish, the last week’s transits and world events would have made me a believer. I really want to thank you for sending the information every week. The last few weeks have been awful for my family and for the state agency where I work– all exactly as laid out here– which at least made it easier to handle.
– Rachel S

Respected Mr David, I have great respect and regard for you for your prediction for me and my family. You have done wonderful work for me and my family. We believe your prediction and have complete 100% faith in your prediction. I wore Mystical pendant along with my elder son and wife. And I feeling much better and also my son and wife. I am also wearing Ruby and Emerald in respective figures as suggested by you.

Dear David, You should get an honorary PHD in Vedic Astrology Universe in India! You are really into the finer aspects of this beautiful world! Something Maharishi mentioned about reading particular scripts where we can gauge our progress by how much we are aligned with what is said . . .

David, I really enjoyed my chart reading today. I found it powerful, inspiring, and overwhelming at the same time. I look forward to the opportunity to re-listen to the reading to gain more understanding.

Dear David, Again I want to thank you for your wonderful weekly column. I am passing on your details to all my clients over here in England, and want you to know how much help you give, even just the few words each week.Huge blessings to you and yours.
– Alison M.

Hi David, I received some very critical news yesterday regarding my dad’s health. Exactly like you said my chart showed, my dad has something very serious going on with his cardiovascular health Thank you.
– Jessica L.

Dear David,This work you are doing is just so valuable and needed. Vedic Astrology can be avoiding dangers not yet come by getting closer to enlightenment by knowing ourselves better, rather than superstition evoked by “astrology”, evoke a closer alliance with the laws of nature through “astrology.”
David S.

Hello David Just wanted you to know that some of your heedings were well spoken. The man who I was involved with took off this morning with “no” warning, I might add. Anyway, you warned me that March would show true colors.
– JW

Hi david, Thanks again for your weekly column. I just got back from a two hour grilling by a House of Representatives Committee at Parliament House when I opened up your email and saw for my rising sign ‘Meet with authority figures’! Cheers
– Robbie

I’m interested in getting the Vedic astrology reading for my husband and three children also. The more I listen to my reading the more I seem to pickup from it and some of the things you said are so dead on that it is almost scary.
– Kathryn J

David, Jeffrey is looking forward to talking with you. We have been re-listening to some of your prior readings for us and are amazed by your accuracy and insight.

Hi David, Thanks you so much for the consultation. It was an eye opener that helped me discover my strengthens and weaknesses. It helped me understand the meaning and events that have unfolded in my life, especially these past two years. I understand now there’s no fatality in life. As you said, “Fix your chart, fix your life”. Please send me the links about the Kavach, the gemstones and the product for cleaning the arteries. Thanks. You are God sent. Be blessed. Souleymane Hi David, Thanks to special “Kavach” my back is doing better then before. I will like to request for reading of my son.
– Bhavesh S.