4. Career Counseling (Audio/Video File)



Use this service to help identify the type of career path that is indicated in your horoscope.

For example, if Jupiter is in your tenth house of career, you may want to study law, religion, banking, education, publishing, consulting, astrology, etc.

This is a great service for students in high school or college, or for those wanting to make a career change.


Case In Point: 

A father once told me that his son wanted to go to an expensive university to study engineering.

He wanted to know if his son would be successful.

Before looking at his son’s chart, I told him that we would have to study Mars (the planet of mathematics and engineering) in the boy’s chart.

Unfortunately, the chart showed a weak and afflicted Mars, so I  could not recommend engineering for him.

I also, however, pointed out that his son had a very well-placed Venus, which was in good strength, and in the house of income — so I suggested that his son take up the arts, music, design, creativity, etc.

When the father got home he told his son what I said, but the boy insisted on enrolling in engineering.

Some months later the father called me and said I was right and that his son had dropped out of that college.

His son then enrolled in a different college and studied music and graphic design.

Four years later his son graduated with ease and was happy to be pursuing his creative aspirations.